Engineering House

Students majoring in Western Michigan University's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences can opt to live in the Engineering House. Located in Eldridge Hall, the community is a great opportunity for those majoring in the diverse fields of engineering and applied sciences to live and study together. The community has a strong partnership with the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

House highlights

  • Residents major in a mixture of traditional engineering fields, computer science, paper science and more.
  • Residents are often in the same courses fall semester.
  • Past activities include a grill out with engineering faculty, building spaghetti bridges, life-sized cardboard canoes (tested in the pond!), how to get an internship, video games and using a trebuchet.
  • Opportunities to network with engineering faculty and alumni.
  • A student success center offering tutoring in math, chemistry, physics and engineering is open 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. five days a week.
  • Small computer lab with engineering-specific software available in the hall for Engineering House residents only.
  • Student staff members in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  • Ample parking outside the hall for those driving to the Parkview Campus, and the bus station to ride to Parkview is a short ways away.

If you have a non-engineering roommate request, you and your roommate may still request Eldridge Hall. If space is limited, though, you will be assigned a floor in Stinson Hall with other engineer/non-engineer roommates. You will still have the experience of living with engineers and being close to tutoring and other activities, but your roommate will have the support of not being the only non-engineer on the floor.