Outgoing mail can be dropped off at the front desk and will be picked up daily. Each room has a mailbox that the roommates share.

Mail is distributed at 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. If a student receives a package, a package notification slip is placed in their mailbox. Students take the notification slip to the front desk receptionist and the receptionist will check the student’s ID before having him/her sign for the package.

Residence hall addresses for shipping packages and online orders was updated on 7/14/16. See below for information.

Mailing Address

WMU uses unique four-digit codes to identify each residence hall.  This code must be included in the address for expedited delivery.

Student Name
Hall and room number
Kalamazoo MI 49008-####

Buster Bronco
Ackley Hall Rm 101
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5269

The four-digit code extension is specific for each hall:

Ackley/Shilling Halls: 5269
Britton/Hadley Halls: 5270
Davis Hall: 5450
Draper Hall: 5367
Eicher/LeFevre Halls: 5271
Eldridge/Fox: 5272
Ernest Burnham Hall: 5370
French Hall: 5451
Garneau/Harvey Halls: 5273
Harrison/Stinson Halls: 5274
Henry Hall: 5452
Siedschlag Hall: 5368
Smith Burnham Hall: 5369
Western Heights East: 5453 (can be abbreviated as WH East)
Western Heights West: 5449 (can be abbreviated as WH West)
Zimmerman Hall: 5455

Packages and online orders

For shipping packages or placing orders online, add in WMU’s street address in the “Address line 2” box as the example below shows.  Personalize name, hall and room number to your information. Include the same four-digit zip code extension as with regular mail.

Example of online shipping form