Roommate Selection

Roommate requests

If you already know someone who you want to live with, both of you can request each other as roommates when you fill out the housing contract. Roommate requests may not be honored if both signed housing contracts are not received in the Residence Life office by May 15. We are not able to take suitemate requests or requests for triple or quad roommates.

Once housing assignments are made, you can no longer request a different roommate. If we are unable to place you with your requested roommate, we may be able to help after the halls open. Around the second of the semester, room changes may be granted as space allows. Working with hall staff, students can move within or to other halls. Through this process, new roommate requests can often be facilitated. Students who want to move will be expected to assist in the process of finding a new room or roommate.

Roommate assignment

If you do not know whom you would like as a roommate, we will match you with another student. Matches are made based on the way individuals answer questions about their lifestyle and interests on the housing application. Do you wake up early or go to bed late? Do you like your room clean, or doesn’t that matter? These and many other considerations are used to match you with another student. In late July, you will receive an email to your Western Michigan University student email account that will have a link to your roommate assignment information. This link will also provide you with contact information to your roommate. You are encouraged to contact each other and begin initial get-to-know-you discussions such as likes and dislikes, interests, etc. It is also important for roommates to discuss use of the room, determine how the space will be shared, and who is bringing what items.