Western Heights

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The next generation of university living

The new freshmen-focused residence hall complex is open for fall 2015 serving the Center Residential Neighborhood. The innovative living concept offers environmentally conscious features, socialization through the purposeful use of public areas and abundant green space, making a positive impact on student life. The new housing complex introduces students to the next generation of university living. 

The design, which is the first of its type in Michigan, is intended to build multiple levels of community engagement and facilitate academic success. Each living area is arranged into houses of 30-35 students on each floor with a kitchen and study area, plus centrally private bathrooms maintained by staff. Central community spaces on four levels feature laundry and study areas, an open-air terrace, plus entertainment and game rooms.

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Dimensions: 11 feet 1 inch wide, 17 feet 4 inches long
Room sizes vary.

Hall highlights

  • Air conditioned
  • Card access system for interior and exterior doors
  • Coed floors with male and female houses (3 houses per floor; houses are single-gender)
  • Centrally located semi-private bathrooms
  • Dining center located across a courtyard; Late-Night Carryout available
  • Kitchen area with each house
  • Western Heights laundry included
  • Loftable furniture
  • Open-air terrace
  • Parking nearby

The room

Two-person room. Room sizes and configurations vary

Furniture provided

  • Two beds and mattresses—bunkable, loftable (set up for you)
  • Two desks
  • Two chairs
  • Two single-drawer stackers (26”Wx22”Dx14”H)
  • One recycling bin
  • Trash can (upon request)

Housing contract

Housing rates are set by the WMU Board of Trustees. The Western Heights housing contract is for a full academic year and requires a residence hall meal plan.


Hall director: Greg Priester
Graduate assistant: Kayla Tennant
Graduate assistant: Kimberly Carroll
WH East hall office phone: (269) 387-4777
WH West hall office phone: (269) 387-6652
WH East desk phone: (269) 387-4779
WH West desk phone: (269) 387-6650