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Benefits Enrollment Presentation - Police Officers (POA)

Welcome to WMU's online benefits enrollment presentation

The information presented below will guide you through the benefits enrollment process. All employees eligible for benefits must enroll in benefits within the first 31 days of employment.

Please read this entire page, print the benefits and rates summary, summary of benefits and coverage and enrollment forms, and then view your  benefits enrollment presentation.

Benefits and rates summary

The Benefits and Rates Summary (PDF) is a four-page overview of your insurance benefits, associated rates, and other benefits including sick leave, leaves of absence, and holidays. This document is referred to often during the benefits enrollment presentation. Please print a copy for your reference as you view the presentation and complete your enrollment forms.

Summary of benefits and coverage

View your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (PDF), which shows medical and prescription drug benefits and coverage. View your EAP Summary of Benefits and Coverage (PDF) which pertains to the employee assistance program.

Benefit enrollment forms

Please print these benefit enrollment forms before viewing the video presentation so that you have them for reference. Then, once you have finished watching the video, please complete the forms. Please be sure to bring the completed forms with you to Human Resources.

  1. Health insurance enrollment form: MS Word or PDF.
  2. New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage: PDF.
  3. Notice of special enrollment form: MS Word or PDF.
  4. Life insurance enrollment forms: MS Word or PDF.
  5. Long-term disability insurance enrollment form: MS Word or PDF.
  6. BASIC Flexible Spending Account enrollment form: PDF.

Retirement plan enrollment form

Complete your online enrollment in the WMU 403(b) Retirement Plan via TIAA-CREF.

Benefits enrollment presentation

If you haven't done so already, don't forget to view your benefits enrollment presentation.


If you still have questions after you view the benefits enrollment presentation and review the related resource materials or if you need assistance completing your benefit enrollment forms, please contact Human Resources.

Unable to print forms?

Accessing and printing PDF forms may require the most recent version of Adobe Reader software.

If you still are not able to print the PDF forms you may pick up a copy of the form(s) from Human Resources.

The information outlined above is subject to legal documents that pertain to each benefit plan and policies, procedures, contracts, or collective bargaining agreements, which are controlling as to the availability and amount of benefits. This Web site is not a legal document.