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Long Term Disability Insurance

The University provides faculty and staff with the option to enroll in long term disability insurance.


Long term disability insurance coverage details are outlined in the Employee Handbook Section 12 - Insurance Plans. For additional information, please see Long Term Disability Summary of Benefits.


During the first 30 days after their effective date of employment, employees can enroll in long term disability insurance without providing proof of health. The long term disability enrollment and change form is available at Forms. Return completed forms to Human Resources.

Beyond 30 days, employees will be required to submit an application and Evidence of Insurability form to Matrix Absence Management, Inc, the University's group long term disability carrier. Please contact Human Resources to obtain the Evidence of Insurability form.

You should also contact Human Resources if you wish to terminate your long term disability coverage.


To report a long term disability claim, please contact Matrix toll free at (866) 533-3438 or report online at For additional details about reporting an LTD claim please visit Long Term Disability Claims.