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Employee Handbook Section 16 - Personal Health

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The HelpNet Employee Assistance Program offers free and confidential assessment, counseling and referral services to employees and their household members who are concerned about marital and family issues, addictions, emotional problems, relationships and other significant personal problems. The EAP can also assist you with career-related and personal situations that may be affecting your work performance or you feel might begin to affect your work performance. The HelpNet Employee Assistance Program is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Sindecuse Health Center

Sindecuse Health Center provides services for University employees, retirees, spouses and dependent children over age 12, as well as University students. The health center offers convenient, cost-saving services with an experienced, multidisciplinary staff dedicated to helping members of the University to improve their health. The health center also provides evaluation and treatment for a variety of illnesses and injuries, preventive health check-ups, and periodic health monitoring. There are also health promotion opportunities that enhance individual and community health (see Health Promotion and Education).

Services at the health center include, but are not limited to:

Insurance benefits

Employees enrolled in a University health insurance plan have many additional benefits to using the services at Sindecuse Health Center. For employees with a University health plan, most charges are billed directly by the health center. For a detailed list of services covered, please visit WMU Health Services Plan. Employees covered by other health insurance plans may use the health center services, but are responsible for payment.

For more information, contact Sindecuse Health Center by phone at (269) 387-3287.

Unified Clinics

Unified Clinics are a group of multidisciplinary clinics on campus that provide medical and behavioral health care and mental health services to the campus community and general public. The clinics share a common facility with the Western Michigan University School of Medicine clinics. Students provide these services alongside their experienced faculty as the students prepare for independent practice after graduation. These clinics include:

Insurance benefits

Employees enrolled in a University health insurance plan who receive services at the Unified Clinics will not be charged a co-payment or deductible. Most services are billed directly by the Unified Clinic. For a detailed list of services covered, please visit WMU Health Services Plan. Employees covered by other health insurance plans may use services at the Unified Clinics, but are responsible for payment.

For more information, contact the appropriate clinic or call (269) 387-7000.

Fitness and exercise—programs and facilities

The University is proud of the fact that it has been one of the leaders in establishing employee wellness programs, activities and benefits to promote better health for all employees. Running tracks, swimming pools, exercise equipment and aerobic exercise classes are just a few of the health and wellness opportunities offered to employees through the Zest for Life Program, West Hills Athletic Club, Student Recreation Center, and the Office of Health Promotion and Education (Sindecuse Health Center).

Spouse and guest policies and fees vary for all programs and facilities. Contact the appropriate service/facility for more information.

Health promotion and education

Health Promotion and Education offers workshops, interactive health resources, service learning and personal appointments with an interdisciplinary team of health professionals to provide education to strengthen individual and community health. Resources are available on a variety of key health risks, including stress, depression, alcohol and other drugs, sexually transmitted infections, nicotine dependency recovery, nutrition, body image and disordered eating.

Questions regarding health promotion programs for staff can be directed to Health Promotion and Education at (269) 387-3263.

Zest for Life

Zest for Life is an employee wellness program that offers fitness classes, personalized fitness programs, nutrition and weight management programs, massage therapy and stress management programs, as well as other health promotion programs and activities. Examples of offerings include aerobics, water exercise, yoga, fitness testing and exercise program development. Information is published and distributed to employees each semester.

Visit Employee Wellness or contact Zest for Life at (269) 387-3543 for information on getting started and program offerings.

Gabel Pool and Lawson Ice Arena

Free open lap swim time at Gabel Pool is available during scheduled hours for employees with a valid Bronco Card. Open ice time at Lawson Ice Arena is available during scheduled hours at a minimal fee for employees and the general public. Schedules are published each semester with Zest for Life and are also available on a recorded phone line at (269) 387-3046. For more information, call (269) 387-3050.

West Hills Athletic Club

West Hills Athletic Club is open to the general public and serves the local community. Employees and their spouses have several discounted membership options, which vary by access hours and cost. Limited access membership options only require employees to pay taxes for the value of the membership. Full access membership may also be purchased at a discounted rate. Services and facilities include Microfit physical assessment, equipment orientation, fitness center, locker room, sauna and whirlpool, and towel service. Tanning, childcare, personal training, and tennis-related facilities and services are also available for a fee.

Questions regarding membership options, services, and facilities can be directed to the West Hills Athletic Club at (269) 387-0410.

Student Recreation Center

The University's Student Recreation Center is a premier, state-of-the-art University fitness center. Some of the facilities available include a recreational track, fitness and weight room, pool, saunas, climbing wall, aerobics room, and courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, racquetball, wallyball and tennis. Fitness classes and intramural sports are also offered.

Employees may activate a free membership which only requires employees to pay taxes for the value of membership. Spouses may purchase a membership.

Contact the membership desk at University Recreation for membership and other information at (269) 387-3115.

Tours of the Student Recreation Center are available during regular business hours. Stop by the main office on the second level of the SRC.

Release time partnering

In support of the University's commitment to employee health and fitness, the University offers to partner with employees by providing a certain amount of release time when an employee chooses to exercise at University facilities.

The University will provide paid release time for 50 percent of work hours used to exercise at University facilities, up to a maximum of 1.5 hours per pay period.

For example, an employee with a one-hour lunch period works out at lunchtime for an hour-and-a-half, six days per pay period. Thus, the employee has used three hours of time, over and above lunchtime, to work out during the pay period. The University will provide paid release time for 50 percent of those hours (or 1.5 hours) and the employee claims the remaining 50 percent (or 1.5 hours) as annual leave.

Release time partnership is subject to limitations based on individual departmental schedules and staffing.