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IME 2220 - Mobile Energy Sources and Lubricants

Catalog Description:

Principles of energy sources, conversion from fuel to propulsion energy, and recovery of kinetic energy. Lubrication used in transportation will also be discussed and tested. The course will identify energy development, processing, transport along with specifications and standard testing procedures. The course will include conventional and alternative fuels as well as advanced power production.

Prerequisites & Corequisites: Prerequisite: College writing.

Credits: 3 hours

Prerequisites by Topic:

  • College writing or ENGL 1000.
  • Knowledge of aircraft, automotive, energy conversion or mechanical systems

Course Objectives, Performance Criteria, and Outcomes:

Course Objectives

ABET-TAC Outcomes2


Performance Criteria Measured1

Conduct Standardize tests on energy and lubrication products accurately and safely



C1: Compare a given sample to its specified properties using 3-5 ASTM test methods.

Identify petroleum tests results, processes for refinery conversion to finished product



C1: Review data before and after storage or use, to determine the effect on or the fitness of the sample and its properties.

Identify normal and abnormal combustion processes and emissions in SI, CI and Turbine engines



F5: Analyze the impact of process variables is combustion using a cooperative fuel research (CFR) engine and emission analyzer

Identify preparation for combustion, combustion problems, transportation, fuel storage, operational problems and blending.



A4: Use of sampling and mixing of fuels to determine the resulting consequences.

Performance Criteria1: IME performance criteria may be found at

ABET-EAC/TAC Outcomes2: Outcomes may be found at

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Rand, S. J., Significance of tests for Petroleum Products, 7th Ed., American Society of Testing Materials, ISBN: 0-8031-2097-4

Course Coordinator:

James VanDePolder
Western Michigan University
F-230 Parkview Campus
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008-5336
Phone: 276-3378

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