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IME 4120 - Industrial Systems Management

Catalog Description:

Principles and applications of advanced systems management, including project management, continuous improvement and advanced quality systems. Computer tools to manage systems will be introduced. Philosophies of systems management will be discussed. Students will acquire advanced systems management skills as applied to multiple industries, including manufacturing and service.

Prerequisites & Corequisites: Prerequisite: Recommended, IME 3120.

Credits: 3 hours

Lecture Hours - Laboratory Hours: (3 - 0)

Additional descriptive information:
This course focuses on engineering the management system and updates the work of Taylor, Simon, Forrester, Anthony, McGregor, and Mintzberg. Applications include government management, manufacturing, service systems, project and program management, and emergency management.

Prerequisites by Topic:

Students are expected to have knowledge of and the ability to apply the following concepts in class:

  1. Basic understanding of key business processes (e.g., production, finance, marketing) and technical processes (e.g., manufacturing processes, engineering design process). This is typically accomplished through active participation and successful completion of the first two years of coursework in an engineering or engineering-related curriculum and through work experience, whether part-time, coop, intern, or full-time employment.
  2. Ability to define, model, and solve problems using tools and techniques from operations research, including linear programming, integer programming, etc.
  3. Able to understand, write, speak, and present in clear, understandable English.
  4. Experience finding articles using databases such as ABI/Inform, FirstSearch, InfoTrac, Lexis-Nexis, and other sources.

Course Objectives, Performance Criteria, and Outcomes:

Course Objectives

ABET-TAC Outcomes2


Performance Criteria Measured1

Define, build, and scope a domain of responsibility. s*  

A3: Applies systems tools (LP, MSM) to model and solve problems.

Identify performance criteria for the domain and identify data and information needs. d*  

D3: Evaluates the performance of a system or process.

Design relevant information portrayals. g, j*  

J2: Applies knowledge that considers professional, societal, and/or global impact.

Conduct an ABC Audit and time log. k*  

K3: Considers the role of time in the design process, in decision making, and/or in manufacturing and service processes.

Develop Data Flow Diagrams for the domain. f    
Build and use a management tool. b    

Performance Criteria1: IME performance criteria may be found at

ABET-TAC Outcomes2: Outcomes may be found at

*results tracked in ABET course notebooks


Unpublished text by Dr. Harold A. Kurstedt, Jr. Management Systems Theory, Application, and Design. Available:

Course Coordinator:

Larry Mallak
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Phone: 276-3369

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