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IME 6120 - Production/Operations Management

Catalog Description:

Topics relating to the planning and control functions of manufacturing systems are presented. These topics include management of the production system, strategies of product design and process selection, design of production systems, plant location, shop floor control, purchasing, quality management, and productivity improvement.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Prerequisite: IME 3260 or 4160 or 5010, or equivalent. (Recommended)

Credits: 3 hrs.

Notes: Open to Graduate Students Only.

Lecture Hours - Laboratory Hours: (3-0)

Prerequisites by Topic:

  • Basic electronic communication skills; word processing, electronic spreadsheet, internet access, email, database searches
  • Working knowledge of descriptive statistics, mean, variance, graphical display methods, probability (MTH2160, 2600, or 3660)
  • Working knowledge of inferential statistics; estimation, hypothesis testing, regression (MTH2160, 2600, or 3660)
  • Understand the overall decision making framework associated with the field of Production/Operations Management. (IME3260 or 4160 or 5010)
  • Be able to apply decision making techniques and to understand the strategic implications of decisions regarding product (IME3260 or 4160 or 5010)
  • Be able to apply basic inventory models, material requirements planning, and scheduling models in an operations environment. (IME3260 or 4160 or 5010)
  • Be able to analyze and present results of variety of situations in a manufacturing environment. (IME3260 or 4160 or 5010)

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the role of manufacturing and its link to competition and a firm’s competitive advantage
  2. Be aware of the implications of a firm’s competitive advantage to decision making at all levels of an organization.
  3. Understand the management process in push and in pull manufacturing processes.
  4. Be able to make upper level managerial decisions relating to manufacturing in all aspects of the planning and control system.


Operations Management for Competitive Advantage, by Chase, Jacobs, Aquilano, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2006.

Course Coordinator:

David Lyth
Western Michigan University
E-222 Parkview Campus
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008-5336
Phone: 276-3368

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