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Mitchel Keil, Ph.D.

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Western Michigan University
F-221 Parkview Campus
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008-5336
Phone: (269) 276-3365


Selected Publications:

Keil, M. J., Attanayake, U., Ikonomov, P., Hathaway, R. B., "Building the Model and Environment for Validation of A Class-8 Truck", 3rd International Conference on Road Safety and Simulation, September 14-16, 2011, Indianapolis, USA.

Jai Thomas, Mitchel J. Keil, "Validation of a Non Linear Mathematical Model for Predicting Shape of Flexible Hoses in Automotive Applications", Simulation, Volume 87 no. 6, June 2011, pp. 538-551.

Alamgir A. Choudhury, Mitchel J. Keil, Jorge Rodriguez, "On the Commutativity of Sequential Finite Rotations", International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education, Volume 36, Number 2, April 2008 , pp. 113-119(7)

Keil, M. J., Rodriguez, J., and Hemmye, M. V. "Modeling and Validation of Large Hydraulic Hose Deflections", SAE paper 2002-01-2589.

Keil, M. J., "Multi-Channel Fiber optic Rotary Joint" U.S. Patent 6301405, Oct. 9, 2001. (Internationally challenged and defended.)

Keil, M. J., and Rodriguez, J., "A Method for Generating Compound Spring Element Curves in Contact with Cylindrical Surfaces", Journal for Geometry and Graphics, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp 67-76, 1999.

Keil, M. J., Rodriguez, J., and Ramrattan, S. N., "Thermal Distortion of Shell and No-Bake Binder Systems", Transactions of the American Foundrymen's Society V 107 Paper No 99-99 P 71-74, 1999.

Keil, M. J., "The Effect of Precompression on Energy Absorbing Elements Used for Shock Isolation of Fiber Optic Switches," Proceedings of the Pacific Rim/ASME International Intersociety Electronic & Photonic Packaging Conference, Kohala Coast, HI, 1997.

Keil, M. J., "Strategies for Automatically Generating Interference-Free Geometric Models of Spatial Mechanisms", Proceedings of the Eighth World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Prague, Czechoslovakia, August, 1991.

Keil, M. J., Myklebust, A., Reinholtz, C. E, "Prediction of Link Interference in Planar Mechanisms" presented at the 9th Applied Mechanisms Conference, Kansas City, MO, 1985 (award for best professional paper).

Research Projects:

  • Design of a mold distortion tester for foundry systems.
  • Characterization of materials for mechanical shock isolation.
  • Automatic Routing and dynamic simulation of brake hose.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Vehicle simulation.

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5336 USA
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