Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering - Leading Process and Product Improvement

Engineering Management Electives

A list of approved electives for the Engineering Management program follow. Any other courses may be approved by the Program Advisor before the course is taken. Courses specifically not allowed as electives are identified at the end of the list.

IME Department

IME 5070 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
IME 5120 Management of Service Operations
IME 5160 Design of Experiments and Regression Analysis
IME 5420 Human Factors in Engineering
IME 5460 Concurrent Engineering
IME 5500 Advanced Plastics Processing
IME 6040 Facilities Planning and Design
IME 6080 Reliability Engineering
IME 6100 Linear Programming for Engineers
IME 6110 Deterministic Methods in Operations Research
IME 6130 Stochastic and Heuristic Methods in Operations Research
IME 6220 Industrial Supervision Seminar
IME 6300 Advanced Simulation Modeling and Analysis
IME 6420 Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics
IME 6430 Physiology of Work
IME 6450 Design for Manufacturability
IME 6560 Material Selection and Processing
IME 6580 CAM Applications
IME 6810 Process Monitoring and Control
IME 6990 Practical Training (1 hour per semester up to three credit hours)

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Courses offered by other departments in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences may be approved if it fits the student's needs or career aspirations.

    • Civil and Construction Engineering (CCE)
    • Computer Science (CS)
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
    • Material Science and Engineering (MS)
    • Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (MAE)
    • Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Imaging (PAPR)

Other WMU Courses

Courses offered by other departments in the University may be approved if it fits the student's career needs. Students requesting a class in the Haworth College of Business or the School of Communication need to send an email to the Advisor requesting that class. The email must include student name, student WIN, class name, class number, and class sequence number. The advisor will forward that request to the appropriate individual.

A list of courses approved in the past are:

BUS 6150 Global Business and Intercultural Communication
BUS 6160 Business Policy and the Social and Ethical Environment
BUS 6180 Information Technology Management
BUS 6990 Business Strategy
CIS 6640 Business Intelligence
COM 6000 Listening
COM 6730 Conflict Management
COM 6800 Seminar in Organizational Communication
COM 6810 Group Communication Processes
COM 6820 Organizational Communication
COM 6830 Power and Leadership in Organizational Communication
CS 5180 Introduction to Computer Modeling and Stimulation
CS 5300 Artificial Neural Systems
CS 5430 Principles of Database Management Systems
CS 5820 Artificial Intelligence
ECON 6020 Applied Economics
MATH 6050 Optimization
MATH 6120 Data Analysis
MGMT 6200 ERP Systems
MGMT 6410 Business Venturing
MGMT 6500 Managing Change
MGMT 6800 Management of Innovation and Technology
MGMT 6850 Quality Management Strategies
MKTG 6730 New Product Management
MKTG 6800 Global Sourcing and Logistics
PSY 6400 Industrial Psychology
PSY 6430 Personnel Selection and Placement
PSY 6440 Personnel Training and Development
PSY 6450 Psychology of Work
STAT 5810 Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods
STAT 5620 Statistical Theory
STAT 5630 Sample Survey Methods
STAT 5650 Design of Experiments for Quality Improvement
STAT 5660 Nonparametric Statistical Methods
STAT 5670 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments
STAT 6640 Design of Experiments I
STAT 6660 Nonparametric Statistical Theory

The following courses are not approved as electives. The courses are either prerequisites for graduate programs or are too similar to existing Engineering Management classes.

IME 5010 Survey of Industrial Engineering Topics
IME 5020 Manufacturing Engineering Fundamentals
IME 5030 Manufacturing Material Fundamentals
ACTY 6010 Accountancy
ACTY 6110 Managerial Accounting
ECON 6010 Basic Economic Analysis
FCL 6020 Corporate Finance
FCL 6040 Legal, Regulatory, and Political Aspects of Business
FCL 6120 Financial Management
MGMT 6140 Business Process Management
MKTG 6140 Business Process Management
MGMT 6170 Managing Human Resources and Behavior


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