Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering - Leading Process and Product Improvement

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering

Candidacy Requirements

The applicant should seek candidacy by the end of the third calendar year after enrollment in the Ph.D. program. By this time the student is expected to have earned or completed satisfactorily the following:

  1. All courses (excluding dissertation credit) and program requirements (except teaching internship and industrial internship requirements)
  2. A preliminary plan for the dissertation, endorsed by the chair of dissertation committee
  3. Comprehensive examination, administered by the doctoral committee and composed of both a written and an oral component
    • The written portion will include questions submitted by the student's doctoral committee, and those drawn from the departmental pool of questions relating to the breadth courses. The questions are designed to evaluate the student's knowledge in the engineering management area of concentration as well as his/her area of specialization.
    • After the written component has been reviewed, the oral component will be administered by the doctoral committee. The student's performance in this exam will be evaluated by the doctoral committee.

If a student fails the comprehensive exam, the student can apply to retake the exam in the next semester. A second failure results in dismissal from the program. Candidacy will be approved or denied based upon the student's performance in the course work, successful completion of the comprehensive examination, and positive recommendation by the dissertation committee. Students not able to follow this timetable may have their program re-evaluated by their doctoral committee.


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