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Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory

The Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Lab is the work place for special purpose design, prototype & build, program & test of (mostly) mobile robots. This lab is also the home for Bronco Robot that was built by one of our undergraduate student. Since then the bronco robot has been mostly upgraded for greater flexibility derived from higher level of programmability using a PIC controller.

The lab space is also used year around to prepare FIRST FRC ( & FLL teams for national competitions and associated activities. The graduate research and undergraduate senior design projects are also conducted using lab facilities. STEM project teams continue to use the Robotics lab for a series of hands-on activities.

Laboratory Equipment

  • NI controllers
  • Labview programming stations
  • CAD workstation
  • Transmission system & two speed gear boxes
  • Accelerometer, Gyro & Encoders
  • Portable digital camera
  • Miniature CNC Machine Tools
  • Proarm and Minimover Robots
  • Allen Bradley Series PLC-5 Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Allen Bradley colour CVIM vision system

Instruction Emphasizes design, prototype and building of three to five axes programmable mobile robot systems.

For more information

More information is available from Dr. Tarun Gupta on (269) 276-3361.


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