Office Institutional Research

Office Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Research

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Institutional Research is responsible for guiding and coordinating University strategic planning, and for providing data and information for administrative decision making. The Office collects and analyzes data and information and reports the findings to University administration and others associated with the University. The Office also provides data and information to government agencies, and for use in accreditation or communication with external groups. Institutional Research's analyses center around information about students, faculty, courses, and programs at the University.

Institutional Research is available to assist other University offices with gathering and structuring data and reports. The Office can lend assistance with strategic planning and other organizational improvement processes. The Office relies on and works closely with other parts of the University that collect data used as the basis for Institutional Research's reports.


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We are currently creating the 2015-16 Fact Book, and pages will be posted as they become available.

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