Remote Scan for ResNet Residents

Students who are bringing a computer to campus and living in a residence hall or Western Michigan University apartment should follow these instructions prior to arrival.

  • All computers being connected to WMUnet (Western's network) must have approved anti-virus software installed and all vendor-supplied security patches applied for the operating system. For student computers, WMU recommends and supports ClamXav for Macintosh and Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows computers.
  • To verify that your computer meets these requirements, please visit This site will run a remote scan to make sure your computer is current with patches and has approved anti-virus software installed. This procedure should be done prior to arriving on campus; it will not work from on campus, and will assure a more successful experience after your arrival.
  • Once you have arrived on campus, you should plug your computer into the wired network connection port in your room. You will be prompted to register your computer and be rescanned.
  • While on campus and plugged into a wired port, your computer will be scanned automatically on a regular basis. If at any time your computer fails the scan, it will be quarantined and removed from the network. You will still have access to the sites required to regain compliance and when you have successfully passed the scan, your computer will regain full network access.
  • Besides the wired jacks in each room, wireless is also available at Western View apartments and in individual rooms in the residence halls. Wireless is also available in the public areas of all residence halls. If using wireless in these locations, it is recommended that you plug your computer into the wired port in your room at least every two weeks to assure your computer remains compliant.

 For assistance, please contact the Help Desk at (269) 387-4357, option 1.