Server Management Services

Server management may include centralized hosting and management physical server hardware, registration and scanning of hardware and backups of server hardware.


The enterprise backup system provides server based backup for timely, reliable, and cost effective storage of client data. This service is provided for server based file recovery purposes and is not designed, nor intended for archival "quick restore" of individual user files, or system based "bare metal" recovery.

See also backup agents (Bronco NetID login required). See charges.

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates are a means of proving your identity in electronic transactions and assure those using your servers that the information they receive from you is authentic. Information technology serves as the WMU clearing house for obtaining digital certificates. 

See charges.

Hosting and management

Information technology can provide centralized hosting and management of Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux, Sun Solaris and IBM AIX server systems in a secure, climate controlled facility with redundant power feeds and both battery and generator-based backup power.

Staff are equipped to install and maintain standard operating system configurations and can install and support additional software and various application packages.

Systems maintained by IT are monitored during normal operational hours and in the event of an outage to a mission critical server, staff are on call during unattended hours.

Contact IT operations at (269) 387-6080 for more information. See charges.

Server registration and scanning

Servers that administer or share resources to multiple clients in a distributed network must be registered in order for the server to have Internet access through the WMU firewall.

As part of the server registration process, all registered servers will be scanned, at minimum, on a quarterly basis, for network vulnerabilities. These scans are designed to help information technology staff identify and remediate any known vulnerabilities that may interrupt service to the WMU network environment.

See also server registration. There is no charge for this service.

Virtual server hosting and management

In addition to hosting physical systems, information technology provides hosted services on IT-owned systems, utilising state-of-the-art virtual machine, also known as VM, technology. Hosting services on an IT virtual server reduces costs considerably, while providing the benefits of a hardware-based solution. By hosting several virtual virtual machines per physical server, the University is able to reduce costs, reduce the amount of space and cooling required for IT services, and reduce electrical usage. Contact IT operations at (269) 387-6080 for more information.

See charges.