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Application for Research & Education at Kleinstuck Preserve


Investigator or Instructor


7. Email of person filling out this form:







12. Will your project have any potential impacts on nearby habitats, facilities, or projects?

If yes, please describe:


13. Will you require support from Landscape Services i.e. mowing a path or clearing some underbrush?

If yes, please describe:


14. Will you need to bring motorized vehicles onto the property?

If no, go to question 17.


15. List motor vehicle

How Often


16. Will these vehicles be going off of existing roads/paths?



18. Will they be dispersing from the trails?


19. Will you need to bring any mobile power source onto the property?

If yes, describe the power source(s), their noise levels, and when, where and how long they will be used:


20. Will you need to bring any chemicals, solvents, or toxic materials onto the property?

If yes, please describe:


21. Will they be collecting specimens or taking samples?

If no, go to question 26.



23. Will the collecting or sampling leave a visible sign?


24. Have you defined the minimum and maximum number of samples necessary?

If yes, please describe:


25. If it is feasible to return specimens/samples will you do so?


26. Does your project necessitate a change or disturbance of the landscape, the construction of any structures, or the installation of posts, well heads or pipes, fences, plastic covers or barriers, or markers?

If no, go to question 33.



28. Is the change, disturbance, structure, or object, relatively permanent? (lasting 5 or more years)

If yes, go to question 33.


29. If the change is temporary, will it be removed, decompose, or regrow?

If yes, please describe how and by when?


30. Will there be a cost for the removal of the structure or object and/or restoration of the site?

31. Is that cost included in your proposal?


32. Please describe how your research or educational activities help maintain and/or support the enhancement of the preserve:


For any questions please email Cari DeLong at cari.delong@wmich.edu

A confirmation email will be sent to you when the application is received.