Classics Courses

Classics Courses

Classics: Course Offerings in Latin and Greek

Course Offerings in Latin and Greek

LAT 1000 - Basic Latin I
LAT 1010 - Basic Latin II
LAT 2000 - An Introduction to the Study of Latin Literature
LAT 2010 - Latin Composition
LAT 2030 - Cicero
LAT 2040 - Virgil
LAT 3240 - Latin Literature
LAT 4760 - Foreign Study - non WMU
LAT 4770 - Foreign Study
LAT 5020 - Latin for Graduate Study
LAT 5030 - Latin - English Translation Practicum
LAT 5200 - Topics in Latin Linguistics and Language Science
LAT 5500 - Independent Study in Latin
LAT 5570 - Teaching of Latin
LAT 5600 - Medieval Latin

Entire list of Latin courses.

Elective courses for the Latin Major/Minor

GREK 1000 - Basic Greek I*
GREK 1010 - Basic Greek II*
LANG 3500 - Classical Greek and Roman Mythology
LANG 3510 - The City of Gods: Power and Morality in the Roman World
LANG 3750 - Classical Literature in English Translation

*Note: GREK 1000 and GREK 1010 can only count toward a Latin major.

Entire list of Greek courses.

Entire list of Language courses.

Only courses in which a grade of "C" or better is obtained will be counted toward a Latin major or minor.

Study Abroad: Students who desire to earn Latin credits through participation in a study abroad program should contact an advisor. A program must be approved before it is undertaken.


For help or questions regarding course offerings in Latin, please contact an advisor.


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