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World Literature

World Literature Minor

The World Literature Minor allows students to explore a variety of literatures in a flexible curriculum adapted to their interests. An interdepartmental program jointly administered by the departments of World Languages and Literatures, Spanish, and English, the minor is based on courses in literature of the world in translation.

Any student, including those majoring or minoring in World Languages and Literatures, Spanish, or English may elect the World Literature Minor. The minor is of obvious value to students preparing to teach foreign languages, English, history, or the arts, even though it is not a "certifiable" teaching minor.

The World Literature Minor provides complementary study for students interested in foreign affairs, law, politics, journalism, communications, or theater. It will be of interest to students in business, artistic, or scientific curricula who wish to do a minor outside their main field.

The diversity of elective courses in this minor makes it attractive to students who wish to shape their own experiences and who welcome the varied perspectives of an interdepartmental program.

Requirements: Twenty credit hours with the following distribution:

1. English 3120 Western World Literature, or English 3130 Asian Literature, or English 3140 African Literature, or English 5390 Postcolonial Literature.

2. Two or three additional literature courses from the English Department (i.e., at least eight semester hours).

3. Three literature courses from the following list: LANG 2750 - Latino Writing in Translation, LANG 3500 - Classical Greek and Roman Mythology, LANG 3750 - French Literature in Translation, LANG 3750 - German Literature in Translation, LANG 3750 - Russian Literature in Translation, LANG 3750 - Spanish-American Literature in Translation, LANG 3750 - Spanish Literature in Translation, LANG 3750 - Classical Literature in Translation, LANG 4040 - East and West Literary Relations.

With approval of a minor advisor students may substitute a literature course from another department or program such as Medieval Studies, Theater, the Honors College, etc., or an advanced literature course in a foreign language for one of the courses listed in requirement two or three. (Specific LANG 3750 courses may be repeated when topic differs).

Minor slips are required and are issued by World Literature Minor advisors, in the English, World Languages and Literatures, or Spanish Departments. Prerequisites for courses in this minor may be waived; students with questions about the advisability of taking courses for which there are prerequisites should consult one of the minor advisors. Transfer students should consult the minor advisors to determine the applicability of courses taken at other colleges. For further information, contact the World Languages and Literatures Department and Spanish Department office (410 Sprau Tower, (269) 387-3001), or the English Department office (623 Sprau Tower, (269) 387-2575).

Dasha Nisula, Department of World Languages and Literatures
Robert Felkel, Department of Spanish
Larry J. ten Harmsel, Department of English
Jil Larson, Department of English





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