Scholarships and Awards


Scholarship and Award Application

Applications are also available outside 410 Sprau Tower.


Tuesday, February 28 by 5 p.m.

for all summer and fall 2017 programs as well as all 2017-2018 academic year programs.

Please submit all applications to 410 Sprau Tower.

Scholarships and awards requiring application

The Diether Haenicke Award for Study Abroad in fall and spring semesters (up to $2,000)

The Diether Haenicke Scholarship for Study Abroad in fall and spring semesters (up to $1,500)

The Diether Haenicke Scholarship for Study Abroad in summer semesters (up to $1,000)

The Department of World Languages and Literatures Summer Travel and Study Abroad Scholarship (up to $500)

 Eligibility for all scholarships and Awards (requiring application)

  • Students must be currently enrolled full-time at WMU.
  • Enroll in an approved program of language study at a university outside of the United States or in a study abroad program sponsored by an American university. The purpose of study is to improve language skills.
  • The applicant must enroll in a study abroad program whose credits are transferable to WMU and which is approved by both the Scholarship and Award committee as well as the travel and study abroad advisor of the relevant language section.
  • Recipients must study abroad during the semester indicated by the specific award or scholarship (i.e.  studying abroad during the fall semester for the Diether Haenicke Award for Study Abroad in fall and spring semesters).
  • Students must demonstrate that they have, at the time of application, the proficiency level required by the study abroad program in which they wish to participate. (For proficiency level requirements, please see the faculty advisor of the specific language program in which you are interested.)
  • Overall GPA as well as the GPA of their language courses taken will be taken into account for scholarship and award selection.
  • Awards must be used within one year.

Other factors being equal, preference will be given to those who:

  • have a declared major of French, German, Japanese, or Latin OR a declared minor of Arabic or Chinese.
  • enroll in a WMU-sponsored program.
  • enroll in a language-intensive program outside of the North-American continent.
  • have studied within their particular language section for at least two semesters at WMU.
  • intend to study in a full-year program.

Scholarships and awards not requiring application

Recipients are selected by faculty on the basis of academic excellence and dedication to foreign language study.

Margaret H. Brooks Award for Study in France: approximately $200
Victor Coutant Award in Classics: $100
Hermann E. Rothfuss Award for Excellence in German: $1,000
Mathilde Steckelberg Scholarship: one each in Latin, French and German; approximately $1,000 each

Annual department awards

Department Presidential Scholar
Excellence in Arabic
Excellence in Chinese
Excellence in Japanese
Preis der Bundesrepublik
Prix de l'Alliance Française

College of Arts and Sciences International Study Scholarship

As part of its commitment to increase access to international education, the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University invites qualified undergraduates to apply for funds to help support their study abroad experience.

WMU Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

WMU Student Financial Aid and Scholarships offers University-wide scholarships.