Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

Program description

Dr. Burt in an Educational Leadership class.The Master of Arts in educational leadership degree in the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology at Western Michigan University is based on a performance-driven leadership model in which students actively participate in a variety of activities designed to prepare them for the challenges faced by today’s educational organizations. Read more about the Master of Arts in educational leadership.

Career opportunities

After graduating from this program, students will be prepared for positions of prominence as a K-12 building level principal or other administrator, higher education administrator or executive director of a nonprofit organization.


Internship experiences

The internship for educational and global leadership is the capstone course or EDLD 6792. The capstone is the final course taken in the performance-driven leadership curriculum. The capstone experience in the Master of Arts in educational leadership is an intensive internship coupled with independent study designed to meet individual needs and a set of investigative areas to meet more general program needs. Students enrolled in the capstone attend class online and are also engaged in activities designed to complement internship experiences. This phase of the program is designed to bring clarification and closure to concepts throughout the master's degree. EDLD 6792 consolidates concepts learned in the performance driven leadership curriculum, continuing to merge theory with best practice. Questions arising from coursework and the related internship experiences are discussed and clarified.

Current student information