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Courses | Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) Leadership

Educational Leadership

Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership Concentration

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I.  Leadership Core

EDLD 6020: Educational Leadership, Systems and Change
Introduction to Educational Leadership and leadership theory and practice. Provides foundation for leadership in educational programs and institutions.  
EMR 5400 Fundamentals of Evaluation, Measurement, and Research
This course is designed to develop skills in the fundamentals of research design and the uses and interpretations of research findings.   
EDLD 6791 Educational Leadership Master's Seminar (1 credit)
An introduction to the graduate program in HESA Leadership, as well as the online software used throughout the course.  
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II.  Field Experience

EDLD 6580: Field Experience in Higher Education and Student Affairs (300 clock hours)           
Emphasizes practical experience in the students area of specialized interest within higher education and student affairs  
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III. Student Affairs and Higher Ed. Core

EDLD 6510: Foundations of Student Affairs
Introduction to the history of higher education, setting where the profession is practiced, and skills and competencies necessary to be successful in the field of student affairs  
EDLD 6530: The College Student
Examines the theoretical and research literature on contemporary college students from a variety of perspectives.  
EDLD 6545: Higher Education Environments and Administration
This course examines leadership, management, and administrative practices in a variety of higher education environments.  
EDLD 6548: Assessment and Accountability in Higher Education and Student Affairs
Course provides an overview of accountability and professional standards in higher education and student affairs administration and an introduction to assessment best practices in higher education and student affairs  
EDLD 6550: Intervention Skills for Higher Education Professionals
A theory-to-practice course that teaches basic interpersonal skills necessary for successful higher education professionals. Addresses crisis management skills, interventions, and approaches for handling different people in the higher education environment  
EDLD 6570: Equity and Diversity in Higher Education
The purpose of this course is to understand the individual and organizational issues of diversity and multiculturalism in U.S. higher education   
EDLD 6590: Higher Education Law
Addresses the importance of knowledge of legal issues and their necessity for effective college administrators.  
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IV.  Diversity Cognate

View Diversity Cognate courses Word
Identify 2 courses with approval of advisor.
*Courses chosen for fulfilling the diversity cognate can be done with a considerable degree of flexibility and should meet your individual career needs.
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V. Capstone Experience and Portfolio Development

EDLD 6792: Capstone Experience (100hrs. Field Experience + Online Seminar + Portfolio)
Participation in a short advanced practicum experience coupled with an online seminar; Development on an electronic protfolio representing all academic work and professional experiences during the master's program.  

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