Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

Higher Education Leadership Students

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Azala Alghamdi profile picture

Azala Alghamdi

Faculty member, Al-Baha University

Research interest: Research interest: Empowerment of Women Leadership in Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

LaShonda Anthony profile picture

LaShonda Anthony

Assistant Director for Community Standards, George Mason University

Research interest: Seventh-day Adventist student experiences in higher education

Jacob Arndt profile picture

Jacob Arndt

Faculty, Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Research interest: Gender. Student and institutional communication behaviors. Student engagement.

Lisa J. Augustyniak profile picture

Lisa J. Augustyniak

Faculty, Lake Michigan College

Research interest: Strategic planning in higher education, industrial economics, student outcomes in community colleges

Mark A. Bergstrom profile picture

Mark A. Bergstrom

Project Manager, Port of Ludington Maritime Museum & Manistee County Commissioner

Research interest: Effective Fund Raising in Public Community Colleges

Joseph Bishop profile picture

Joseph Bishop

Academic Advisor, Davenport University

Research interest: Mentoring program for students with disabilities at a higher education institution.

George Brown profile picture

George Brown

Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts

Research interest: Advancing Arts and Arts Innovation/Research in Higher Education

Gerald Browning profile picture

Gerald Browning

Director of College Writing, Baker College of Muskegon

Research interest: Writing Center Leadership/Management

Laurie Burgess profile picture

Laurie Burgess

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Cornerstone University

Research interest: creating community in the college classroom

Michelle Burke profile picture

Michelle Burke

Director of Student Life, Grand Valley State University

Research interest: Student Affairs Assessment

Soong Min Chow profile picture

Soong Min Chow

Doctoral Associate, College of Education and Human Development, Western Michigan University

Research interest: Quality assurance in higher education

Alisha Davis profile picture

Alisha Davis

Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University, Allied Health Sciences Dept

Research interest: Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Minority Students in Allied Health Programs

Vunsin Doubblestein profile picture

Vunsin Doubblestein

Director, STEM Program, Western Michigan University

Research interest: Experiences of Asian American college students

Darla England profile picture

Darla England

Asst. Professor of Special Education/Learning Disabilities Program Director/Student Teacher Placement Director, Cornerstone University

Research interest: Hiring Practices for Inclusion Classrooms

Curtis Essenburg profile picture

Curtis Essenburg

Director of Student Life, Kuyper College

Research interest: Co-curricular education and competency based education

Nancy Foster profile picture

Nancy Foster

Chief Academic Officer, Baker College of Cadillac

Research interest: Mission Statements alignment with hiring and evaluation processes

Anne Marie Gillespie profile picture

Anne Marie Gillespie

Director of Student Academic Affairs, Ferris State University

Research interest: An exploratory study of university faculty member experiences with disruptive students

Rita Gordon profile picture

Rita Gordon

Director, Wayne State University

Research interest: Privatization of University Services

Ashley Green profile picture

Ashley Green

Director of Scholarships and Fellowships, Michigan State University (Honors College)

Research interest: Experiences of African American Female First Generation College Students: From Urban Areas

Peter M. Grostic profile picture

Peter M. Grostic

Teacher of Mathematics, East Kentwood High School; Kentwood Public Schools

Research interest: Student Achievement Gaps, Motivation Management

Luann Harden profile picture

Luann Harden

Director, Western Michigan University - Southwest

Research interest: Leadership and partnership development of universities and community colleges; Outreach and engagement development through regional campuses.

Diana E. Hernández profile picture

Diana E. Hernández

Director, Division of Multicultural Affairs, Western Michigan University

Research interest: Experiences of Latina administrators in in higher education

Chad Inabinet profile picture

Chad Inabinet

Dean of Student Services, West Shore Community College

Research interest: Student Success

Jeffery Jackson profile picture

Jeffery Jackson

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment & Management/Director, Career Center, Bowling Green State University

Research interest: Academic readiness of African American college students

Marlene Kowalski-Braun profile picture

Marlene Kowalski-Braun

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Grand Valley State University

Research interest: feminist leadership

Russell Leonard profile picture

Russell Leonard

Associate Professor, Ferris State University

Research interest: How can FSU recruit more women into the primarily male automotive field.

Tammy Looman profile picture

Tammy Looman

Instructor in Writing, Director of the Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum, Cornerstone University

Research interest: Faculty writing support/ faculty development

Anne Lundquist profile picture

Anne Lundquist

Doctoral Associate, Student Affairs, Western Michigan University

Research interest: Enterprise Risk Management in Higher Education: Adoption, Implementation & Integration

Vincent Maltese profile picture

Vincent Maltese

Dean of Science/Mathematics, Monroe County Community College

Research interest: Mathematics Placement/Success

Jennifer L. McCaul profile picture

Jennifer L. McCaul

Director, College of Community & Public Service Undergraduate Advising Center

Research interest: Student engagement and Student Success

Susan Mendoza profile picture

Susan Mendoza

Director of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship, Grand Valley State University

Research interest: Identity development of Researchers and academics

Joshua Merchant profile picture

Joshua Merchant

Vice President for Advancement, Albion College

Research interest: Venture Philanthropy, Higher Education Fundraising, Shared Governance

Scott Michel profile picture

Scott Michel

Program Director- AT Education, Albion College

Research interest: White privilege; cross-cultural competence; faculty to student mentoring relationships

Kathy Mitchell profile picture

Kathy Mitchell

University Ombudsman, WMU

Research interest: Civility

C. Annie Moretz Stanger profile picture

C. Annie Moretz Stanger

Grants Development Specialist, Midland College, Midland, TX.

Research interest: The social and emotional development of young children and universal pre-school.

Ryan Nausieda profile picture

Ryan Nausieda

Career Services Coordinator, Davenport University

Research interest: Community Colleges, Workforce Development, Partnership, Framing, and Communication

Marc Nelesen profile picture

Marc Nelesen

Minister, Adjunct Professor, Calvin Seminary, Georgetown CRC

Research interest: Leadership and Higher Ed Presidency

Tyler Norman profile picture

Tyler Norman

Director of Fitness, West Hills Athletic Club/WMU

Research interest: NCAA policy development and compliance, financial impact of athetics in Higher Education

Ceceilia Parnther profile picture

Ceceilia Parnther

Doctoral Associate, ELRT, WMU

Research interest: The impact of cross-cultural competency on ethical decision making in student conduct

Nolan Patton profile picture

Nolan Patton

Hall Director, Residence Life Western Michigan University

Research interest: Impact of social media usage on transition to the college/university culture.

Karika Phillips profile picture

Karika Phillips

Health Equity Coordinator, Kalamazoo County Government

Research interest: The academic help seeking behaviors of African American college students at a PWI

Kimberly Pilieci profile picture

Kimberly Pilieci

Dean of Developmental Education and General Education, Baker College of Muskegon

Research interest: Faculty

Cecil Queen profile picture

Cecil Queen

Associate Professor, Ferris State University

Research interest: Adult Learning Strategies, Organizational Leadership, Police Academy Training

Theresa A. Raglin profile picture

Theresa A. Raglin

Academic Department Head, Dental Hygiene and Medical Imaging, Ferris State University

Research interest: The effects of online teaching on the academic culture at traditional universities

Michelle Rhodes profile picture

Michelle Rhodes

Director of Financial Aid, Grand Valley State University

Research interest: Need-based financial aid, first-generation students, financial literacy

Gail Rouscher profile picture

Gail Rouscher

Faculty Specialist - Lecturer, WMU College of Aviation

Research interest: Learning styles of different generations, diversity, military vs. civilian study structure

Sharon Seabrook Russell profile picture

Sharon Seabrook Russell

Director, Professional Development and Lifelong Learning, Extended University Programs: WMU

Research interest: Higher education and engagement

Mandy Seiferlein profile picture

Mandy Seiferlein

Director, External Clinical Operations, Ferris State University College of Pharmacy

Research interest: Health professions education. Diversity. Staff professional development.

Jennifer Sims profile picture

Jennifer Sims

Doctoral Assistant, WMU

Research interest: Women in academia and athletics

Candis Thomas profile picture

Candis Thomas

Teacher, Saginaw Public Schools

Research interest: Culturally responsive teaching, Teacher demoralization

Gary Versalle profile picture

Gary Versalle

Dean - Business, Technology & Engineering Programs, Baker College of Muskegon

Research interest: Impact of student-faculty interaction on student motivation to learn and persist

Jay Wise profile picture

Jay Wise

Assistant Dean for Residence Life, Calvin College

Research interest: Themed Housing and Living-Learning Communities at small Liberal-Arts Colleges

Terah Zaremba profile picture

Terah Zaremba

Director, Academic Advising & Student Life, Kellogg Community College

Research interest: Student engagement, retention, and student success courses at the community college

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