Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

Career Technical Education (CTE) Leadership Students

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Justin Arnold profile picture

Justin Arnold

Self-employed, Justin Arnold Consulting & Training

Research interest: Workplace learning, corporate leadership development programs, collective impact

Heath Chelesvig profile picture

Heath Chelesvig

Research Analyst, Grand Rapids Community College

Research interest: Adult Learning, Assessment, Evaluation

Kenneth Flowers profile picture

Kenneth Flowers

Department Chair, Technologies, Lake Michigan College

Research interest: Developing, Evaluating, and Improving an Energy Production Technology Program Based on Communication from the Highly Regulated Power Production Industry

Mitsuyo Izumi profile picture

Mitsuyo Izumi

Ph.D. student, Educational Leadership in Career Technical Education, Western Michigan University

Research interest: Japanese sojourning families' family resilience and child adjustment

Tina Koepf profile picture

Tina Koepf

Product Development Coordinator, NOCTI Business Solutions

Research interest: Career and Technical Education Assessment and Curriculum Development

Amy Koning profile picture

Amy Koning

Associate Dean of Operations, Grand Rapids Community College

Research interest: Student satisfaction with a manufacturing cohort that are partnered with industry sponsors

Michael Martel profile picture

Michael Martel

Placement Director, GASC Technology Center-Flint

Research interest: How employment projections affect CTE centers’ training needs and curriculum planning

Ryan Rowe profile picture

Ryan Rowe

Assistant Superintendent, Madison School District

Research interest: Guidance and counseling towards career technical education programming

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Educational Leadership, Research and Technology
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