Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

Organizational Analysis Leadership Students

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Abdulrahman Alsulami profile picture

Abdulrahman Alsulami

Lecturer, King Abdulaziz University

Research interest: Leadership in learning organizations- Reform institutions - Performance analysis

Heidi Beidinger-Burnett profile picture

Heidi Beidinger-Burnett

Educational Consultant, Self-employed

Research interest: Principal Leadership

Xingyuan Gao profile picture

Xingyuan Gao

Ph.D. student, Western Michigan University

Research interest: K-12 School Principal Leadership, Comparing U.S. and Chinese Public School Systems

Melinda Gruber profile picture

Melinda Gruber

Chief Operating Officer, Hospice at Home

Research interest: Leadership, professional development, and adult peer learning.

Connie Halvorsen profile picture

Connie Halvorsen

Instructional Designer, International Food Protection Training Institute

Research interest: Educational Technology, eLearning, Emerging Technologies, Impact of Ind/Org Certification

Kevin Kalinowski profile picture

Kevin Kalinowski

Director of Operations, InterCare Community Health Network

Research interest: Aligning change efforts with organizational learning and development

Bruce Ladewski profile picture

Bruce Ladewski

Sr. Industrial Hygienist, Fishbeck, Thomas, Carr and Huber

Research interest: Organizational safety

Ronnie McMillian profile picture

Ronnie McMillian

Assistant Vice President, Fifth Third Bank

Research interest: Factors affecting the choices of minorities to pursue IT professions

Ben Meador profile picture

Ben Meador

Organization Development Consultant, Spectrum Health

Research interest: Organization Theory, Leadership

Mauricio Nuno Muzevuca profile picture

Mauricio Nuno Muzevuca

PhD Student, Western Michigan University

Research interest: Effective leadership development, Organizational Performance and Human capital Efficiency.

Toran C. Scott profile picture

Toran C. Scott

Pastor to Students, Calvary Church

Research interest: The "Click Factor." Why Some Embrace a Lifestyle of Self Sacrifice for the Sake of Serving Others

Stein Slette profile picture

Stein Slette

Assistant Professor, Hope College

Research interest: Human performance studies

Jodi Ward profile picture

Jodi Ward

Associate Director of Operations, Western Michigan University

Research interest: Succession planning and leadership transition in higher education

Jiangang Xia profile picture

Jiangang Xia

Doctoral Research Associate, Graduate Center for Research and Retention

Research interest: Principal leadership, teacher leadership

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Educational Leadership, Research and Technology
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