Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

K-12 Leadership Graduates

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David Alban profile picture

David Alban

Principal, Gull Lake Community Schools

Dissertation topic:

Curtiss Babcock profile picture

Curtiss Babcock

Superintendent of Schools, North Muskegon Public Schools

Dissertation topic: The impact of the Head Start parent teacher partnership on home based mathematical interventions provided by single rural Head Start mothers

Marcia L. Bonds profile picture

Marcia L. Bonds

Ph.D. Graduate Student, Oak Park Schools, Key Elementary (Michigan)

Dissertation topic: Teacher Competence and Confidence in Common Core Mathematics

Rosemary Cleveland profile picture

Rosemary Cleveland

Affiliate Professor, College of Education at Grand Valley State University; W.K. Kellogg-Woodrow Wilson Fellows Program

Dissertation topic: New Teachers Perceptions on Their Preparation in Classroom Management

Sharon Davis profile picture

Sharon Davis

Music teacher, Oak Park School District

Dissertation topic: A study of the impact of a K-12 school district-university doctoral cohort on district leadership capacity

Mark Deschaine profile picture

Mark Deschaine

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership Education and Human Services Building, Central Michigan University

Dissertation topic: How Schools Are Meeting State Legal Mandates to Provide Online Education

Mark Forner profile picture

Mark Forner

Principal, Carpe Diem Meridian, Indianapolis, IN; Blended Learning School (Grades 6-12)

Dissertation topic: An Examination of the Leadership Practices of Effective Rural Superintendents: A Multiple Case Study

Denise Ludwig profile picture

Denise Ludwig

School Administrator, GRPS & GVSU

Dissertation topic: Perceptions of participation and education component of ECSE

Theresa Nugent profile picture

Theresa Nugent

Principal, Chickering School

Dissertation topic: A Narrative Inquiry of Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding Their Professional Development Experiences

Charles Pearson profile picture

Charles Pearson

Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Marygrove College - Master in the Art of Teaching Program

Dissertation topic: Understanding the impact of the Kalamazoo Promise from the perspectives of parents and community group members

Leadriane Roby profile picture

Leadriane Roby

Principal, Minneapolis Public Schools

Dissertation topic: Teachers' Sense of Professional Practices as a Result of Mentoring

A. Celeste Shelton-Harris profile picture

A. Celeste Shelton-Harris

Principal, Portage North Middle School

Dissertation topic: Career commitment and retention strategies for new teachers: A national study

Michele Siderman profile picture

Michele Siderman

Principal, East Kentwood Freshman Campus

Dissertation topic:

Samuel J. Striker profile picture

Samuel J. Striker

Social Scientist, President of Hollin-Phoenix Consulting, Department of Defense

Dissertation topic: Highly qualified public school teacher: Its status, distribution, determinants, and relationship with job commitment and satisfaction

Jill Van Hof profile picture

Jill Van Hof

Assistant Professor of Education, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Dissertation topic: Establishment and Maintenance of Academic Optimism in Michigan Elementary Schools: Academic Emphasis, Faculty Trust of Students and Parents, Collective Efficacy

John Van Wagoner II profile picture

John Van Wagoner II

Associate Superintendent, Shiawassee RESD/Clinton RESA

Dissertation topic: The Inception and Development of Michigan’s 21st Century Schools Fund

Doug VanderJagt profile picture

Doug VanderJagt

Principal (Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources starting 8/15/13), Rockford Pubilc Schools

Dissertation topic: Student Thoughts and Perceptions on Curriculum Reform

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