Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

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Paul J. Ballard profile picture

Paul J. Ballard

Associate Dean of Student Success and Retention, St. Norbert College (De Pere, WI)

Dissertation topic: Measuring Performance Excellence: Key Performance Indicators for Institutions Accepted into the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)

Jerry Bergsma profile picture

Jerry Bergsma

Professor, Calvin College

Dissertation topic: The Impact of Leadership Training on Collegiate Student Athletes

Patrick Bishop profile picture

Patrick Bishop

Program Champion and Professor of PR & Marketing, Ferris State University

Dissertation topic: Paths to Upper-Level Positions in Public Relations

Lianne Briggs profile picture

Lianne Briggs

Professor of Hospitality Management, College of Business, Ferris State University

Dissertation topic: Student Success: An Investigation of the Role the Pre-Admission Variables of Academic Preparation Personal Attributes, and Demographic Characteristics Contribute in Predicting Graduation

Rebecca Brinks profile picture

Rebecca Brinks

Education Program Director, Grand Rapids Community College

Dissertation topic: Intensive Professional Development in Early Literacy Instruction for Preschool Teachers

DeAnna R. Burt profile picture

DeAnna R. Burt

Vice President for Academics/Chief Academic Officer, Baker College of Muskegon

Dissertation topic: African-American Student Retention: A Study of the Effects of an Intrusive Advising Intervention at a Career College

Erika Carr profile picture

Erika Carr

Associate Director, Division of Multicultural Affairs, Western Michigan University

Dissertation topic: Attitudes Toward and Knowledge of Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Brian Cole profile picture

Brian Cole

Dean of Students, Rochester College

Dissertation topic:

Sharon Colley profile picture

Sharon Colley

Assistant Professor/BSN Program Coordinator, Ferris State University School of Nursing

Dissertation topic: Nursing Faculty Experiences and Perceptions of the Implementation Process to a Learner-Centered Teaching Philosophy: A Case Study

Suzette Compton profile picture

Suzette Compton

Sr. Customer Relationship Manager, Ellucian

Dissertation topic: The Salary Negotiation Strategies of Female Administrators in Higher Education.

Denise Dedman profile picture

Denise Dedman

Assistant Professor, University of Michigan- Flint

Dissertation topic: Social Work Field Instructors’ Perceptions of On-Line Training

Daryl J. Delabbio profile picture

Daryl J. Delabbio

County Administrator/Controller; Aistinguished Adjunct Faculty/Davenport University (Grand Rapids), County of Kent (Michigan)

Dissertation topic: Non-traditional paths to presidencies of higher education institutions in Michigan

Betty D. Dennis profile picture

Betty D. Dennis

Associate Dean, Extended University Programs, WMU

Dissertation topic: Retaining exploring students: A comparison study of decided and undecided college students

Kristen Dewitt profile picture

Kristen Dewitt

Assistant Professor/Co-facilitator Professional Development School, Penn State University

Dissertation topic: "Experiences of Michigan Elementary National Board Certification Candidates"

Dale Gadd profile picture

Dale Gadd

Director of Adult Studies, Bethel College, Indiana

Dissertation topic: Accelerated Degree Completion Programs: The Effects of Core Professors in Nontraditional Higher Education

Jessie Grant profile picture

Jessie Grant

Dean of Students, University of Alaska Southeast

Dissertation topic: An Examination of the Job Satisfaction of Mid-Level Managers in Student Affairs Administration

Maria Haverhals Andersen profile picture

Maria Haverhals Andersen

Director of Learning and Research, Instructure

Dissertation topic: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Instructional Practices of Michigan Community College Math Instructors: The Search for a KAP Gap in Collegiate Math

Dana Hebreard profile picture

Dana Hebreard

Associate Director of Academic Advising, Calvin College

Dissertation topic: Opt Out: Women with children leaving mid-level student affairs positions

Julie Higbie profile picture

Julie Higbie

Professor, Nursing, Northern Michigan University

Dissertation topic: Prceived Levels of Nurse Educators’ Attainment of NLN Core Competencies

Warren Hills profile picture

Warren Hills

Associate Vice President - Human Resources, Western Michigan University

Dissertation topic: "Best Practices Within Mediation Programs"

Mary Holmes profile picture

Mary Holmes

E-Learning Administrator, Ferris State University

Dissertation topic: Retaining Information Technology Employees in Higher Education

Kay Keck profile picture

Kay Keck

Vice President for Student Services, Kellogg Community College

Dissertation topic: Community College Retention: The Role of Late Registration Policies

Becky McNamara profile picture

Becky McNamara

graduate of, WMU

Dissertation topic: Traveling with a Purpose: Stories of Contradiction and Transformation in International Service-Learning

Pete Muir profile picture

Pete Muir

Interim Chair of Communications and Media Studies, Cornerstone University

Dissertation topic:

Kerisa Myers profile picture

Kerisa Myers

Teacher Education Division Chair, Cornerstone University

Dissertation topic: Child Care Centers on Higher Education Campuses: Director Perceptions of Internal and External Roles and Director Leadership

Suzie Nagel-Bennett profile picture

Suzie Nagel-Bennett

Associate VP for Student Affairs, Western Michigan University

Dissertation topic: Job Satisfaction of Public University Chief Student Conduct Administrators and Their Intent to Stay or Leave the Position

Randy Ott profile picture

Randy Ott

Director, Center for Academic Success Programs, WMU, WMU

Dissertation topic: White Male College Students: An Examination of Identity Development, Masculinity, and Institutional Connections

Sharon L. Peterson profile picture

Sharon L. Peterson

Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University

Dissertation topic: Facilitating pre-service teachers' competence and confidence in integrating technology into teaching: A study of two course approaches

Constance Schwass profile picture

Constance Schwass

Professor of Accounting, West Shore Community College

Dissertation topic: Assessing Student Learning Outcomes in AQIP Accredited Community and Technical Colleges

John Severson profile picture

John Severson

Superintendent, Muskegon Area ISD

Dissertation topic: A Phenomenological Exploration of Superintendent and Principal Experiences in a Shared Professional Development Process

Jon Shaffer profile picture

Jon Shaffer

Director of Housing & Residence Life, Ferris State University

Dissertation topic: Role of Residence Hall Staff in Offering Early Warning Academic Intervention

Stephen J. Snyder profile picture

Stephen J. Snyder

Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Davenport University

Dissertation topic: Overcoming Non-Academic Issues to Gain Admission into Competitive Entry College Mojors: The Power of Positive Psychological Development

James Swanson profile picture

James Swanson

Vice President Academic Services and Student Affairs/ Dean of MS in Higher Education, Grace College

Dissertation topic: Success in the first year: Impact of alternative advising on students at a liberal arts college

Deborah Thalner profile picture

Deborah Thalner

Executive Director, Online Learning, Ferris State University

Dissertation topic: The practice of continuous improvement in higher education

Ewa Urban profile picture

Ewa Urban

Associate Director for Assessment and Technology, Western Michigan University-Career and Student Employment Services

Dissertation topic: Value of U.S. Higher Education for International Students in the Context of Higher Education Internationalization

Gregory Vander Kooi profile picture

Gregory Vander Kooi

Professor, Ferris State University

Dissertation topic: Problem-Based Learning: An Attitudinal Study of Police Academy Students

Jason Werkema profile picture

Jason Werkema

Professor of Music, Worship Arts Department Chair, Grace Bible College

Dissertation topic: Making Sense of Roles and Responsibilities: A Socialization Study of College and University Music Department Chairs

Amy Wojciechowski profile picture

Amy Wojciechowski

Business Division Chair/Professor, West Shore Community College

Dissertation topic: The Relationship Between Student Characteristics And Success In An Online Business Course At West Shore Community College

Kelsey Woodard profile picture

Kelsey Woodard

ELRT-Higher Education Doctoral Candidate; TLES Field Placement (Intern & Pre-Intern) Assessment Grant-Research Assistant, WMU Educational Leadership Research and Technology; Office of Field Placement

Dissertation topic:

Carl Wozniak profile picture

Carl Wozniak

Assistant Professor, School of Education, Northern Michigan University

Dissertation topic: Administrator Perspectives Of Post-Secondary Educational Opportunities For Michigan High School Students

Rick Zomer profile picture

Rick Zomer

Director of Pre-College Programs & Visits, Calvin College

Dissertation topic: The Persistence of At-Risk College Students into their 8th Semester at a Private Christian College

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