Graduate Certificate Admission

Graduate Certificate Admission

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All students, including those with current graduate status at WMU, should complete a Graduate Certificate Program Admission Application.

Additionally, certificate program applicants must submit a written statement (essay) as one element in the application process. The faculty uses the essay to determine the career goals of the applicant and the fit of the certification program with the applicant’s career goals. The faculty is also interested in the educational "philosophy" of the student and how that philosophy guides the student’s beliefs about the use of educational technology. Also, add a paragraph stating where and when you found out about our Educational Technology Program.

Students should outline their technology skills and relevant professional experiences in the essay, including their technology background and experience to be successful in the program.

Students with questions concerning the "essay" should contact .

Students may apply online for admission to a degree program. Students interested in the certificate as part of a degree program should consult their degree program advisor to determine if and how the certificate program can be incorporated into their degree program.

If you are not interested in obtaining a degree please use the Graduate Non-Degree application. Students may take only one Educational Technology course with this status. Students wishing to take additional courses must apply and be accepted in the certificate program.



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