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Students are encouraged to register early, especially for EDT 5410 and EDT 5420 as well as the EMR 5400 or FCS 6010 research class which have a history of reaching capacity and closing early.

A unique feature of this program is that students will develop skills in online teaching and learning as they earn their certificate. All courses except EDT 5400 are offered online.computer helper

EDT 5400, EDT 5410, and EDT 5420 provide students with information and skills necessary to plan, implement, and evaluate technology for personal productivity and instruction. Also, students will acquire skills in developing and integrating educational technology applications in learning environments.

EDT 5400 can be waived for students who have taken comparable courses or have technology skills equivalent to those developed in EDT 5400.

EDT 5410 Note: Students in EDT 5410 and all subsequent courses are expected to have fundamental computer skills since the focus in this class will be on the course content objectives rather than the development of basic computer skills. Students entering the class should have the following capabilities:

  1. Word processing skills. (Standard is Microsoft Office.)
  2. Ability to navigate and search the World Wide Web and access to a computer that has good/reasonably fast access to the Internet.
  3. Ability to use computer based communication applications - e-mail and discussion boards.
  4. Ability to use presentation software.
  5. Ability to send and receive files.
  6. Ability to download pdf files.

EDT 5420 Note: EDT 5420 is a prerequisite for all subsequent courses in the Certificate Program

EDT 6440 and EDT 6450 explore advanced technology integration and build management skills (selection, purchase, implementation, and evaluation of various technologies) in faculty support, school staff training, basic troubleshooting, and management and maintenance of local area networks.

EDT 6480 and EDT 6490 increase technology management and leadership skills for overseeing school district wide technology integration.

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