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Is the Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree an online degree?

The only class that may not be available online is the educational research course (EMR 5400, ED 6010 or FCS 6010). Elective classes are offered online or in face-to-face classes on campus and at off campus locations. Students should check the delivery means of the classes for which they register.

Are the Online Graduate Certificate Program in Educational Technology and the new Master of Arts in Educational Technology the same degree?

The Online Graduate Certificate is a non-degree program that awards a paper certificate at the completion of the program of study. Tflowershe certificate is limited to six required online classes. The Master of Arts is an academic graduate degree with considerable flexibility for courses of study. The master's has two options for a Major Technology Core (15 credit hours), the online technology coordinators core from the online certificate and a special education technology core. The master's degree also has an elective Minor Technology Core (9 credit hours) that is based on the career goals of the student. The degree also has the option of a capstone course or a thesis as the culminating learning activity for the degree. The two are different, one a non-degree certificate and the other an academic degree with flexible courses of study in the general area of educational technology. Neither program is designed to provide successful graduates without M.D.E. endorsement as a highly qualified computer/technology teacher.

Can students be admitted to both the Educational Technology Certificate and master's programs?

No. However, students can be admitted into the Certificate program and transfer into the master's program by completing a second Graduate College application form requesting to be admitted into the Master of Arts degree program.

Must students enroll in the Online Graduate Certificate Program before applying for the Master of Arts in Educational Technology?

No, students are free to apply for either program in what ever order they see fit.

Can the Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree lead to teacher certification?

No, at this time the State of Michigan does not have an educational technology teachers certification program. Students seeking a program that leads to teacher certification should contact the Office of Teacher/Administrator Certification at Western. Credits for EDT course work can count towards the 18 hour M.D.E. certificate requirement.

Can students currently admitted to another master's degree at Western Michigan University transfer to the Educational Technology master's degree?

Yes. Students need to complete the Graduate Admission Form (get a paper form from the Office of Admissions and Orientation so you do not have to re-pay the fee). Students transferring to the Educational Technology master's degree are subject to the same admissions procedures and review as new students and need to be approved for admission by the faculty of the Educational Technology Program.

Is the Master of Arts in Educational Technology a special education degree?

No, this degree is overseen by the faculty of the Educational Technology Program and is not a special education degree.

Can you start Educational Technology courses at any time?

No, educational technology courses follow the normal semester schedule of Western Michigan University. Western has a 15 week Fall semester that begins in late August and ends in December and a 15 week spring semester that begins in early January and ends in mid April. Western also has two eight week summer terms that begins in early May and ends in late June and/or an eight week Summer II term that begins in early July and ends in late August. Students are advised to check the schedule for each course offered for exact dates of class meetings and semester length. Educational technology courses are not operated on a self-study, independent schedule basis.

Can you take Educational Technology courses in any order?

No, educational technology courses follow a curriculum sequence designed by the faculty. Courses have prerequisite requirements that must be completed (See course descriptions for prerequisite information).

How are the elective courses for the Educational Technology minor core determined?

Elective courses are determined in cooperation with your assigned academic advisor and must match the career goals of the student as well as the degree requirements of Western Michigan University.



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