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teacher and classStudents will complete a planned program of study consisting of 30-33 credit hours of course work with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better. The degree course work requires a 15 credit hour Major Technology Core. The Major Technology Core builds a strong set of technology skills and background. The course work also requires a nine hour Minor Technology Core that is related to the technology career goals of the student and approved by an academic advisor. The minor core must be different from the major core and have at least two of the three courses at the 6000 level.

Summary Outline of Course Requirements

I - Major Technology Core
(Select 15 hours)

  • EDT 5410 - Introduction to Educational Technology (formerly called Telecommunications for Teaching and Learning) (3 hrs, Online)
  • EDT 5420 - Teaching with Technology: Design and Development for Learning (3 hrs, Online)
  • EDT 6440 - Advanced Information Technologies for Instructional Technology (3 hrs, Online)
  • EDT 6450 - Technical/Operational Issues of Educational Technology (3 hrs, Online)
  • EDT 6480 - Designing Staff Development for Educational Technology (3 hrs, Online)
  • EDT 6490 - Planning and Administration of Educational Technology (3 hrs, Online)

II - Technology Minor Elective Core (9 hrs.)

  • Select 9 hours of elective courses related to the technology career goals of the student and approved by an academic advisor, of which 3 credits must be at the 6000-level, and the other 6 credits may be at the 5000- or 6000-level.
  • You may choose online or traditional courses (or a combination of both) to fulfill your Technology Minor Elective Core

III - Educational Research Course (3 hrs)

  • EMR 5400, ED6010, or FCS 6010 or equivalent course.
  • There are both online and traditional courses available to fulfill this requirement.

IV - Culminating Learning Activity

  • Capstone Research Project (EDT 7100) 3 hrs OR
  • Master's Thesis (EDT 7000) 6 hrs
    • The Capstone or Master’s Thesis is done in individual consultation with your assigned EDT academic adviser.

V - Degree Total 30-33 hrs

  • The culminating learning activity allows students to demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge of educational technology in either a research study or in the development of a curriculum or instructional technology product. Students seeking advanced degrees beyond the master's level are encouraged to complete a Master's Thesis (see Graduate Catalog for Master's Thesis Guidelines). Other students will elect the capstone course with an advisor-approved technology research, application, or curriculum development project that includes a minimum of 120 hours of effort (Contact Educational Technology Program for Capstone Course Guidelines)
  • When planning your Educational Technology Master degree courses, please remember that to graduate, you need to successfully complete at least 15 hours of 6000 or higher level WMU course work.

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