Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy

Evaluation, Measurement and Research

Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. program is designed for highly qualified students to prepare them as evaluators, assessment specialists, or researchers for leadership and teaching positions in schools, non-school organizations, institutions of higher education, and government. The following requirements will lead to a doctoral degree in Evaluation, Measurement, and Research Design:

  • Must possess an earned baccalaureate degree.
  • Must satisfy all Department and Graduate College requirement for admission and graduation.
  • Residence--continuous enrollment of at least six hours for all fall and spring semesters.
  • Must pass doctoral exams written by EMR program faculty covering all of the pre-doctoral core content. Exams are offered twice a year.
  • Concentration portfolio must be submitted to EMR program faculty for review prior to enrollment in advanced seminar.

Core Comprehensive Exam Information

Dates to be announced.

Career Opportunities

  • Research Analyst
  • Internal Evaluator
  • External Evaluator
  • Evaluation Coordinator
  • Measurement Consultant
  • Policy Associate
  • Statistical Programmer
  • Project Manager
  • Monitoring Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Program Officer
  • Assessment Specialist

Admission Information

Doctor of Philosophy Flowchart pdf


7-year plan pdf

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
EMR 5400 Fundamentals of Evaluation, Measurement & Research 3
EMR 6410 Introduction to Measurement in the Behavioral Sciences 3
EMR 6420 Program Evaluation 3
EMR 6430 Personnel Evaluation 3
EMR 6450 Data Analytics I: Design Studies 3
EMR 6480 Qualitative Research Methods 3
EMR 6490 Philosophy of Science and Scientific Inquiry 3
EMR 6500 Survey Research 3
Total 24 hrs
EMR 6510 Advanced Application of Measurement Methods 3
EMR 6520 Evaluation Practicum 3
EMR 6550 Experimental & Quasi-Experimental Design for Applied Research & Evaluation 3
EMR 6580 Qualitative Research Practicum 3
EMR 6650 General Linear Models 3
Total 15 hrs
Advanced Seminar in Concentration Area (select one course)
EMR 6600 Advanced Seminar in Research 3
EMR 6610 Advanced Seminar in Measurement 3
EMR 6620 Advanced Seminar in Evaluation 3
Total 3 hrs
Professional Field Experience (Must register for a 3 hr and a 6 hr block)
EMR 7120 Professional Field Experience 3
EMR 7120 Professional Field Experience 6
Total 9 hrs
Dissertation Research
EMR 7300 Doctoral Dissertation Minimum of 15 hours
  Total 15 hrs

EMR 6750 Applied Multivariate Statistics 3
EMR 6970 Special Topics (Topics change each term) 3
Nine hours of evaluation, measurement and or research electives approved by the advisor
Total 9 hrs
18 hours of coursework approved by advisor
Total 18 hrs
Total Hours to Complete Ph. D Degree 93 hrs



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