Research and Instruction Directory

Photo of Maira Bundza
ScholarWorks Librarian
(269) 387-5207
Photo of Sharon Carlson
History Librarian (University, Local, Regional)
(269) 387-8490
Photo of Edward Eckel
Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Philosophy, Psychology Librarian
(269) 387-5140
Photo of LuMarie Guth
Law, Business Librarian
(269) 387-5153
Photo of Kathleen Langan
Arabic, Chinese, English Literature, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Humanities Librarian
(269) 387-5823
Photo of Carrie Leatherman
Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geosciences, Physics Librarian
(269) 387-5142
Research and Instruction Services (part time, temp)
(269) 387-5185
Photo of Martha Maytnier (Marty)
Research and Instruction Services (Weekend Librarian) (temp, part time)
(269) 387-5177
Photo of Maria Perez-Stable
Africana Studies/African American Studies, Children's Literature, History, Spanish, Gender and Women's Studies, Political Science Librarian
(269) 387-5322
Photo of Erlinda Rolls
Health and Human Services Librarian (except Social Work)
(269) 387-5192
Photo of Dianna Sachs
Anthropology, Public Administrations, Instructional Services Librarian
(269) 387-5182
Photo of Patricia Vander Meer
Communications, Sociology, Social Services Librarian
(269) 387-5191