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Specialty Mail

Overnight, express and insured

Mail services has two vehicles for delivery of incoming specialty mail, aka specials. Specials are envelopes or packages arriving via:

that are scheduled for expedited delivery and track able through barcode. If you are looking for a specials package and you have not received it call central receiving at 7-8819. 

Self-service shipping

Departments may now contract directly with United Parcel Service (UPS) and/or Federal Express (FedEx) to have packages picked up and delivered using greatly reduced rates.  

How it works:

  1. Sign up for which service you would like to use by filling out one of the following forms:
  2. Submit form to the WMU mail center to have an account set up on the corresponding system.
  3. An account number will be sent to your attention.
  4. Create a shipping label by logging in to the appropriate system using your account number.
  5. Pay for the shipment using your procurement card.
  6. Request pickup:
    • Directly from vendor (a small pick up fee will be incurred.)
    • WMU receiving at 387-8811 or 387-8819 (pickup FREE).

For more information call Suzi West-Moneta at 387-8812.