Registration Errors

Registration Errors

Registration Errors

Link Errors

These occur when a lecture requires a lab and one or the other has not been chosen. Both must be selected prior to saving your choices or you will get an error message. You will also get this message if you choose a lab that is paired with a different lecture. Lectures and labs are paired according to section number. Section numbers for lectures that require a lab are either 500, 600, 700 etc. Labs that are paired with the lecture will have section numbers in the same range as the lecture you've chosen (ie: section # 545 would be paired with the lecture whose section number is 500).

Prereq/Test Score Errors

These occur when a student:

  • has not taken the prerequisite course,
  • has not placed into the course using ACT/SAT or the math placement test, or
  • when the math placement test was taken and the student did not immediately take a math class.

This is most frequent with transfer classes that have not gotten into the computer system prior to attempting to register. Contact Steve Culver at (269) 387-4517 for assistance. Check the course description in the course catalog for the prerequisite course for each class.

Transfer Credit Equivalencies

General information on transferring courses
How particular courses at Michigan community colleges transfer

Courses from some Michigan Universities and all out of state colleges will not transfer to WMU as a specific course without having the course evaluated by the math department. After an official transcript has been sent to the Admissions office, a "Transfer Credit Evaluation Report" will be sent to you describing how each course transfers to WMU. In cases where the credit evaluator is unable to determine a specific course at WMU that matches the transfer course, "math credit" or "Credit By Department Recommendation Only" (CBDRO) will be assigned. If you wish to get credit for a specific course, contact Steve Culver (269) 387-4517, to have the Department of Mathematics evaluate each individual course.





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