Alavi Mathematics Fund

Alavi Mathematics Fund

The Alavi Mathematics Endowment Fund Guidelines

  1. The earnings of the Endowment Fund will be used for significant projects to enhance research and graduate programs in the Department of Mathematics. Priority will be given to projects that have the potential to benefit a particular individual or group in a way that can be identified clearly and specifically.
  2. The Fund will be monitored by the department's Alavi Awards Committee. The Committee will consist of 3 tenured professors in the Department of Mathematics appointed by the department chair, with at least one representative from the mathematics area, and at least one from the mathematics education area. Members will be appointed on a staggered basis with eventual rotating 3-year terms. Under normal circumstances, the committee member in his or her third year of service will chair the Committee. Duties of the Committee are: to provide faculty with information about the awards, and to solicit proposals from faculty; to review applications in a timely fashion and make recommendations to the department chair on awards; to review the results of completed funded projects, and insure departmental records relating to funded projects are maintained; and to periodically review the guidelines and financial condition of the Fund, and issue an annual report to the department on the progress of the Fund. The department chair will serve as an ex officio member of the Committee. In keeping with the endowment's charter, final decision for any award will rest with the department chair.
  3. Any full time faculty member or group in the Department of Mathematics is eligible to apply for an Alavi Award. Since the total amount available to fund projects will vary from year to year, applicants are advised to consult with a member of the Awards Committee in order to determine an appropriate amount to request for their project. In the event that a member of the Alavi Awards Committee submits a proposal, that member will be excused from deliberation of his or her own proposal, with the recommendation for that proposal being made by the remaining two Committee members.
  4. While it is the intent of the Committee to admit a broad range of projects for review, projects will be considered only if their specific benefits to research and graduate programs within the Department can be clearly identified.  Projects that will benefit more than one individual are particularly solicited. Support of graduate students (e.g., travel) may be included in project proposals, but no one other than faculty should be listed as an applicant.
  5. Funding requests through the Alavi Fund must be for specific projects only. Travel to a professional conference funded by an award should clearly support the project.
  6. Applications should demonstrate that necessary funding from other sources is not available, or has been requested and denied.
  7. The Alavi Fund cannot be used for local meals or entertainment for Western staff or students, or for faculty stipends. Hourly wages for student workers in support of an approved project are permitted.
  8. Applications should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the project's start date. At the Committee's discretion the 30 day period may be waived in exceptional circumstances. The Awards Committee will conduct reviews on a rolling basis between September 15 and April 15. Anyone wishing to submit an application outside this timeframe should first consult with the Committee Chair.
  9. Any deviation from the budget or the start and end dates of a funded project must be approved by the Awards Committee. For each funded project, a brief Final Report should be submitted to the Committee by the awardee(s) within 30 days of the project's end date. An oral presentation of project results to the department is also encouraged.
  10. Examples (by no means comprehensive) of projects that would fit the guidelines include:
  • support for visiting scholars with specific focus benefiting a particular group of faculty or graduate students;
  • sending graduate students to meetings in their dissertation research area;
  • recruiting trips or visits by prospective graduate students in support of project goals;
  • support for hosting workshops/conferences/meetings; etc. 

Innovative proposals are particularly solicited.

[Revised October 2006 from original version dated November 1998]




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