Faculty Travel

Faculty Travel

Faculty Travel Funding Guidelines

For the fiscal year, a base amount of $500 is available to each regular full-time member of the faculty in the Mathematics Department for the purpose of travel relating to his or her research and professional development. Requests for additional department travel funds will considered on an individual basis, with total funding per individual not to exceed $1,200. These departmental travel funds can and should be used in conjunction with other funding sources, both internal and external, in order to meet faculty travel needs for the current fiscal year.

For travel up to June 30 of the given year, please complete your travel authorization forms by April 15. Authorizations which are processed after that date cannot be guaranteed funding, except in cases where faculty have made prior arrangements with the Chair.

In order to request additional department travel funds, faculty should submit a Supplemental Funds Request to the Department Chair no later than one month prior to planned travel. A separate Supplemental Funds Request should be submitted for each trip involved in the request. A Supplemental Funds Request consists of the following.

1.      Name of applicant, dates of proposed travel, and destination.

2.      Short paragraph describing the trip, its purpose, and its importance to the faculty member's research and professional growth.

3.      Summary of trip expenses.

4.      List of other funds to be used to support the trip (including all or part of the faculty member's $500 base funding).

5.      Amount of supplemental funding requested.

Please limit the length of your request to a single page. Supplemental travel funds will be awarded according to merit of the proposal and availability of funds. Partial awards are possible. Final decisions regarding supplemental travel funds will be made by the Department Chair.

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