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Concentration Electives

WMU MBA students choose three elective courses and can pursue a concentration elective, if desired. Students choose from aviation, computer information systems, finance, general business, health care, international business, management or marketing. Transcripts for students who complete the concentration requirements will indicate the concentration discipline.

Students are encouraged to complete at least four of the eight required Business Context and Functional Core courses before taking electives. Note: Students interested in a marketing concentration must take MKTG 6710 as one of the three electives. Please consult the online catalog for descriptions of the courses in each concentration.

To discuss electives or concentrations, please contact an MBA advisor. Course descriptions are available in the online catalog.


AVS 6290: Global Aviation Management and Policies
AVS 5100: Safety Management Systems
AVS 6270: Airline Supply Chain Management


BUS 6960: International Business Seminar

Computer Information Systems

CIS 5550: Topics in Computer Information Systems
CIS 6000: Seminar in Computer Information Systems
CIS 6200: ERP System Configuration
CIS 6300: ERP Data Management
CIS 6400: Business Analytics
CIS 6620: ERP Project Management
CIS 6640: Business Intelligence
CIS 6660: Enterprise Information Security Management

Finance and Commercial Law

FCL 6000: Seminar in Business


FIN 5530: Student Managed Investment Fund
FIN 6190: Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 6220: Financial Restructuring
FIN 6250: Financial Strategy
FIN 6420: International Finance
FIN 6450: Computer Applications in Finance
FIN 6540: Investment Analysis and Management
FIN 6620: Health Care Financial Management
FIN 6910: Seminar in Finance
FIN 6980: Readings and Research and Finance

Health Care

Contact the MBA advisor for options.


LAW 6840: International Business Law
LAW 6860: Legal and Regulatory Issues in Marketing
LAW 6880: Health Law Administration
LAW 6980: Readings and Research in Finance


MGMT 6000: Seminar in Management (Topic)
MGMT 6100: International Management
MGMT 6200: ERP System Configuration
MGMT 6410: Business Venturing
MGMT 6500: Managing Change
MGMT 6520: Strategic Human Resource Management
MGMT 6580: International Human Resource Management
MGMT 6800: Management of Innovation and Technology (MOIT)


MKTG 6610: Healthcare Marketing
MKTG 6630: Electronic Marketing
MKTG 6650: Global Negotiation
MKTG 6700: Sales Leadership
MKTG 6710: Applied Marketing Research
MKTG 6720: Distribution Strategy
MKTG 6730: New Product Management
MKTG 6740: Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy
MKTG 6750: Services Marketing
MKTG 6760: Multinational Marketing Management
MKTG 6770: Buyer Behavior
MKTG 6780: Special Topics in Marketing
MKTG 6790: Marketing Planning and Strategy
MKTG 6800: Global Sourcing and Logistics
MKTG 6970: Special Problems in Marketing