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photo of Christina StamperChristina Stamper

Christina Stamper, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs (Office of the Dean), Professor of Management

PhD: Michigan State University 
MBA: Michigan State University 
BBA: University of Miami

Office: 3252 Schneider Hall
Phone: (269) 387-5068
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Dr. Christina Stamper teaches Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, as well as a number of specialized topical classes related to these two disciplines. Her research interests include explaining various factors in employer-employee relationships (e.g., perceived organizational support, changing roles and expectations) and how they impact both work attitudes (e.g., job satisfaction, organizational commitment) and behaviors (e.g., organizational citizenship behaviors, performance). Her work has been published in numerous management journals, including Journal of Organizational Behavior and Personnel Psychology. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Stamper worked as a restaurant manager for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.