Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Currently Enrolled Students

Madeline Barnes

B.A., English Language and Literature, Texas State University
Interests: Medieval lapidaries, medicine, and magic; Old and Middle English language and literature; Anglo-Saxon England

Roland Black

B.A., Medieval Studies and German Studies, New College of Florida
Interests: Benedictine monasticism; manuscript studies; paleography; codicology; intellectual history

Image of the Goliardic Society BBQ 2008Meghan Connolly

B.A., History, Portland State University
Interests: art history; manuscript studies; codicology; medieval apocalypse and eschatology

Sam Dobberstein

B.A., Philosophy, Purdue University
Interests: The conversion of Scandinavia; ritual in Norse paganism; medieval Iceland; Old Norse

Eric Gobel

B.A., History, Heidelberg University
Interests: Late medieval Germany; ecclesiastical reform under duress; economic history

Maggie Heeschen

B.A., English and Art History, Alma College
Interests: Anglo-Saxon art and literature; classical references in Anglo-Saxon culture; application of post-colonial approaches to the introduction of Christianity

Robin J. Henley

B.S., Visual Communications and English Literature, Western Washington University
Interests: Early Anglo-Saxon literature; William Langland's Piers Plowman

Matthew Hilferding

B.A., History, York College of Pennsylvania
Interests: Medieval Catholic Church; religious warfare; heresy; European conversion

Image of a graduate seminar meeting in the Rawlinson CenterCharles Lein

B.A., History, James Madison University
Interests: Old English poetry, Old Irish immrama, Old Norse sagas

Erin S. Lynch

B.A. History, Medieval Studies, Latin, and French, University of Texas at Arlington
Interests: Medieval disability culture, popular religion, medieval queer studies

Caleb Molstad

B.S., International Studies, Corban University; Graduate Diploma, Western Seminary
Interests: Old and Middle English literature; Dante

Julie Polcrack

B.A., History and Archaeology, Lycoming College
Interests: Anglo-Saxon history and material culture; Old English; saints' cults

Image of a graduate student studying in the Rawlinson CenterSara Miller Schulte

B.A., Latin and English, The University of the South (Sewanee)
Interests: Medieval and renaissance music; history of the book; the classical tradition in medieval literature

Jordan Sharpe

B.A., Medieval Studies and Classical Languages, The University of the South (Sewanee)
Interests: Arthurian literature; Middle English romance; Boethius; medieval Europe in modern popular culture


The Goliardic Society

Id non convivium estThe Goliardic Society is a social organization of the graduate students of the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. The mission of the Society is to facilitate camaraderie among students, faculty, and friends while enhancing the academic environment and multiple opportunities of the Medieval Institute through various donations, volunteer work, and scholarly activities.

If you are applying to the M.A. program and would like to be in contact with currently enrolled students, please email us at



  • Goliardic Society 2008 barbecue (photo: Annalisa Moretti)
  • A graduate seminar meeting in the Rawlinson Center
  • A graduate student studying in the Rawlinson Center

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