Proposals and/or completed projects to be considered for publication by Medieval Institute Publications, including projects for Early Drama, Art, and Music, Publications of the Richard Rawlinson Center, Studies in Medieval Culture, and non-series volumes, should be sent to:

Simon Forde, Director and Managing Editor
Medieval Institute Publications
Western Michigan University
1903 W. Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5432
Phone: 269-387-8754
Fax: 269-387-8750
E-mail (proposals and queries only) Simon Forde

All submissions must be printed out from a word-processing program, double-spaced (including indented block quotations), with ample margins (no less than an inch on all sides). Any handwritten notations must be legible. Please do not justify the right margin, or use varying type sizes or variable line spacing, or insert extra space around paragraphs. Please paginate continuously throughout the manuscript and label with your name all pages of your submission, including pages with charts, maps, photos, etc. These should be designated as Figure 1, Appendix 1, Table 1, etc. Indicate in the body of the text where the graphics are to be placed (e.g., Figure 1 near here). While the project is under consideration, photocopies of illustrations are sufficient. Upon acceptance of the volume, authors and/or editors are responsible for providing any photos (black and white glossies or high-resolution scans) or reproductions and permission to reproduce them. Further specifics about preparing the final copy of the manuscript and a guide to MIP’s house style is available from our style sheet .  


Festschrift Policy

Medieval Institute Publications recognizes the importance and unique role of essay collections honoring the career of a distinguished scholar of medieval studies. Since such collections also present particular challenges for both editor and publisher, editors who wish MIP to consider such a project for publication should work with the managing editor from the early planning stages of the volume. 


Medieval Prosopography

Submissions: The journal welcomes submissions on topics that relate to prosopography from late antiquity to the sixteenth century. Work on all areas and relevant aspects of the medieval world, including Islam and Byzantium, are welcome. Articles in the major European languages are invited and will be published in their original language.

To submit an article, please send an electronic copy in Microsoft Word to Valerie Garver ( Be sure that the document is free of any reference to the author to insure complete anonymity for review. If the editors believe the article is suitable for publication in the journal, it will be evaluated by experts in the field. The editors are committed to making decisions as expeditiously as possible. In general, the journal follows the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition), but please consult the procedures listed above and both the MIP style sheet and the Medieval Prosopography Style Sheet. Note that articles published in Medieval Prosopography do not have bibliographies, so full bibliographical information must be provided in the notes the first time a work is cited.

Book Reviews: Medieval Prosopography reviews books relevant to the topic or application of prosopography. Book reviews should be limited to 1000 words.  If you have a book you would like to have reviewed by the journal or would like to review works for Medieval Prosopography, please contact Jonathan Lyon (


Studies in Iconography

Proposals and/or completed articles to be considered for publication in Studies in Iconography should be sent to:

Studies in Iconography
A7 McCormick Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08540


TEAMS Series

Proposals and/or completed projects to be considered for publication in TEAMS series should be sent to the appropriate series editor (see list below). For non-series TEAMS volumes (Varia), please contact the chair of the TEAMS editorial board, Russell Peck. Please submit manuscripts in hard copy unless the editor has asked you to do otherwise.

Commentary Series: E. Ann Matter
Documents of Practice Series: Joel T. Rosenthal
Medieval German Texts in Bilingual Editions Series: Sara S. Poor
Middle English Texts Series: Russell Peck
Secular Commentary Series: Robert E. Edwards

Contact information for TEAMS series editors:

Robert Edwards
Department of English
112 Burrowes Building
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

E. Ann Matter
Department of Religious Studies
224 Logan Hall
University of Pennsylvania
249 S. 36th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6304

Russell Peck
Department of English
RC Box 270451
University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14627-0451

Sara S. Poor
Department of German
Princeton University
211 East Pyne
Princeton, NJ 08544

Joel T. Rosenthal
Department of History
State University of New York
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4348


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