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Medieval Prosopography

History and Collective Biography

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Medieval Prosopography was founded in 1980 when methodologies of social science were combined with social history in an attempt to explore and explicate the lives of people who, when treated as individuals, often remain obscure. Because relatively few sources were created by or about individuals during the Middle Ages the prosopographical method of analysis of groups of people has lent itself especially well to medieval history. The aim of this annual journal is to provide a venue for work engaged with the methodology of using data drawn from analysis of a group or relationships between individuals to restore to view the lives of those who would otherwise remain unexamined or to yield new insight into the medieval past. Scholarship taking the approach of collective or group biography also falls under the umbrella of prosopography and would be appropriate for the journal. Over the past four decades, Medieval Prosopography has published articles on a range of subjects from all periods and places of medieval history.


George T. Beech, Professor Emeritus, Western Michigan University
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Editorial Board
Ralph W. Mathisen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Alison McHardy, University of Nottingham
Hélène Millet, Directices de recherches, CNRS (Paris)
Alan V. Murray, University of Leeds
Marilyn Oliva, Fordham University


Submissions: The journal welcomes submissions on topics that relate to prosopography from late antiquity to the sixteenth century. Work on all areas and relevant aspects of the medieval world, including Islam and Byzantium, are welcome. Articles in the major European languages are invited and will be published in their original language.

To submit an article, please send an electronic copy in Microsoft Word to Valerie Garver ( Be sure that the document is free of any reference to the author to insure complete anonymity for review. If the editors believe the article is suitable for publication in the journal, it will be evaluated by experts in the field. The editors are committed to making decisions as expeditiously as possible. Guidelines for articles that have been accepted for publication in the journal appear below and under For Authors on the MIP website.

Book Reviews: Medieval Prosopography reviews books relevant to the topic or application of prosopography. Book reviews should be limited to 1000 words.  If you have a book you would like to have reviewed by the journal or would like to review works for Medieval Prosopography, please contact Jonathan Lyon (

For guidelines on submitting articles to Medieval Institute Publications, please see Submissions.

Current Volume

Volume 28 (2013)



Articles: Constance B. Bouchard, Childeric III and the Emperors Drogo Magnus and Pippin the Pious; E. A. Jones, Hidden Lives: Methodolog-ical Reflections on a New Database of the Hermits and Anchorites of Medieval England; Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge, The Clergymen of Medieval Convocation: A Prosopographical Study of the Representatives of the Dioceses of Lincoln and Winchester from 1313 to 1536; Ann Bowtell, Priors and Canons of Elsyngspital, 1350–1536; Doreen Leach, The Turners of Medieval London; Frederik Buylaert and Jan Dumolyn, Nobility and Prosopography: In Search of a Quantitative Approach for the Study of Nobles in Late Medieval Flanders


Anne Boud’hors, María Jesús Albarrán Martínez. Prosopographia Asceticarum Aegyptiarum; Marilyn Oliva, Meriel Connor, ed. John Stone’s Chronicle; Carole Hill, Peter Coss. The Foundations of Gentry Life: The Multons of Frampton and Their World, 1270–1370; Charlotte Newman Goldy, R. B. Dobson, ed. Helen Birkett. The Jewish Communities of Medieval England: The Collected Essays of R. B. Dobson; Elena Woodacre, Theresa Earenfight. The King’s Other Body: María of Castile and the Crown of Aragon; Felice Lifshitz, Valerie L. Garver. Women and Aristocratic Culture in the Carolingian World; Linda E. Mitchell, Dianne Hall. Women and the Church in Medieval Ireland, c. 1140–1540 andGillian Kenny. Anglo-Irish and Gaelic Women in Ireland c. 1170–1540; Joel T. Rosenthal, Carole Hill. Women and Religion in Late Medieval Norwich; Jeffrey Bowman, Marie A. Kelleher. The Measure of Woman: Law and Female Identity in the Crown of Aragon; William Chester Jordan, Amy Livingstone. Out of Love for My Kin: Aristocratic Family Life in the Lands of the Loire, 1000–1200; Miriam Shadis, Kimberly A. LoPrete. Adela of Blois: Countess and Lord (c. 1067–1137); RáGena C. DeAragon, Philadelphia Ricketts. High-Ranking Widows in Medieval Iceland and Yorkshire: Property, Power, Marriage and Identity in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries; Amy Livingstone, Ralph V. Turner. Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen of France, Queen of England; Index to Volumes 21–28 (2000–2013)

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