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Introduction to the Index for Ann Eljenholm Nichols, The Early Art of Norfolk: A Subject List of Extant and Lost Art including Items with Relevant to Early Drama (Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications, 2002).

This index is designed to be searched electronically. Subjects are not always organized by strict alphabetical order. For example, the subsets for narrative under <Christ> and <Virgin Mary> are arranged chronologically. On the other hand, the Apocalypse entries have been organized alphabetically to complement Table I, which is chronological. For those preferring to print out the text, I have provided a few sectional markers for aid in locating items sub-classified under major entries, e.g., <cleric(s), see also Costume, clerical [New Testament]>. When cross referencing, those searching electronically can ignore the sub-sections and FIND the term labeled with square brackets. ‘New Testament’ will take the searcher directly to that entry.

Punctuation is sometimes used to distinguish between details in one entry and between separate entries. Thus when a colon is used to introduce subsections all on the same page, a semicolon divides two separate entries; a comma, details of the same scene.
     Dolphin 272: swallowing fish; leaping from waves = 2 entries
     Feast at Bethany 73: Martha with cup, Mary kissing Christ's feet = 1 entry

Spelling follows American custom with the exceptions cited in the text. Proper names are alphabetized by either the medieval (by first name) or modern (by surname) system, depending on chronology—another reason for the usefulness of electronic search.

BOLD entries serve two purposes: (1) to distinguish major entries (a) in the organization of the subject list, and (b) within the index to demarcate major entries or subsets thereof, and (2) to enable fast-track referencing.

The index is format sensitive to enable fast-track searching.
     Upper versus lower case: <Funeral> = funeral of the Virgin; <funeral> = internment rites.
     Bold versus plain text: <Baptism of> = Baptism of Christ; <baptism of> yields six different entries.
Those wishing a more inclusive search should FIND with no formatting restrictions.

I have not indexed all subjects with the same degree of depth. Those with questions may contact me at the e-mail address below.


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