Western Michigan University--School of Music (Spring 2016 Syllabus)


Music 1500: Music Appreciation "Live"

Mondays and Wednesdays 7-9PM Call Number 11359--4 Credits--Room 3502 Knauss Hall

Instructor: Dr. Robert White

Office: 1422 Dalton Center; Office Hours by appointment--Phone: 269/387-4700


Course Description and Objectives

This introductory-level general education course is designed to increase and inform your appreciation of music. Content is presented through live concerts, lecture-demonstrations, multimedia and assigned web-based reading and listening.


Required Course Materials

The only items you need to purchase for this class are:

(1) A Music 1500 User's License for A Listener's Introduction to Music

(the online WebBook & Workbook)


$13.60 – available from mycoursepack.com at the following link:



Until this license is purchased, you will not have access to the online textbook readings and workbook quizzes through the MUS1500 E-Learning link. 



(2) Music 1500 Concert Series Ticket Booklet 


$40; these are sold at the Miller Auditorium Box Office—the booklet includes tickets to 8 concerts on the Wednesday night "Live and Interactive" series in the Dalton Center Recital Hall.





Final grades in this course are based on a 1000 point scale: 

Midterm Exam

200 points possible

Final Exam (cumulative)

220 points possible

E-Workbook (online quizzes)

Š      9 x 20 points each

180 points possible

In-Class Concerts

Š      8 x 50 points each – (10 for ticket, 40 for written response)

400 points possible

   1000 points possible



Distribution of Final Grades:

A =1000-940 points (100-94%)

BA = 939-890 points (93.9-89%)

B = 889-840 points (88.9-84%)

CB = 839-790 points (83.9-79%)

C = 789-740 points (78.9-74%)

DC = 739-690 points (73.9-69%)

D = 689-600 points (68.9-60%)
E = 599 or below (59.9% or lower)



Course Website (Homepage) 



Š      Class schedule

Š      YouTube links to supplement eLearning readings

Š      List of Concerts

Š      Syllabus

Š      Other useful information



         Course eLearning page



Š      Chapter readings

Š      Online "E-Workbook" Assignments for each chapter (see below)

Š      Concert responses (see below under “Concert and Class attendance)

Š      Practice midterm and final exams and other study aids

Each segment of the webbook has an online assignment (e-learning quiz) associated with it. These quizzes for each chapter become available online at various times over the semester (see "Course Schedule" link). The E-Workbook quizzes for each reading are due on the dates listed on the Course Schedule. Your cumulative point score on the 9 online quiz assessments will determine 18% of your final course grade in Music 1500 (maximum of 180 points possible).



Concert and Class Attendance
You are expected to attend all 8 of the Wednesday evening concerts in Dalton Center Recital Hall. Those events begin at 7PM and will be over by 9PM. For credit, you must do the following for each concert:

Š      Have your ticket marked upon arrival

Š      Attend the entire concert (no exceptions)

Š      Turn in your marked ticket (with your name on it)

Š      Do the Concert Response on eLearning when it becomes available.  Due dates for these is usually one week after the concert.


Regular attendance at class meetings on non-concert nights is required. Attendance is taken. You are responsible for all notes, audio examples, video clips discussed in class or assigned as online homework.


There are 2 exams: a "Midterm Exam" and a comprehensive "Final Exam". Each exam includes multiple choice, matching, true/false questions, and "listening identification" based on examples covered in the concerts, class sessions, and online homework. Exam dates are listed on the "Schedule of Lectures." Review guidelines and study aids will be posted online one week before each exam.


Spring 2016 EXAM DATES:

Midterm – February 29

Final – April 25



Make-Up Policies
If you miss an exam, you must call or e-mail the instructor by the end of that class day in order to be eligible for a make-up:

Exam make-ups must be completed within 2 class days of the original due date.

Missed in-class assignments cannot be made up or excused. You have the 1-time option to attend an extra credit concert, worth 20 points --see below).

-E-mail (best way to reach me): 
-Phone: 387-4700 
(OK to leave message 24 hours a day)


Extra Credit
There will be periodic “pop quizzes” and brief writing assignments in class, which will be added to your extra credit points.  Attendance is necessary to benefit from these, and they cannot negatively affect your grade.


     Additionally, one (1) extra credit concert, worth a maximum of 20 points, can be arranged with Dr. White upon the student’s initiative. Details of documentation and written response will also be arranged.



 University Policies

Academic Honesty Policy
Please be aware that WMU has an official academic honesty policy that all students and instructors are required to follow. You are responsible for making yourself aware of and understanding the policies and procedures in the Undergraduate Catalog that pertain to Academic Integrity. These policies include cheatingfabricationforgery and falsificationmultiple submissionplagiarismcomplicity and computer misuse. If there is reason to believe you have been involved in academic dishonesty, you will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. You will be given the opportunity to review the charge(s). If you believe you are not responsible, you will have the opportunity for a hearing. You should consult with me if you are uncertain about an issue of academic honesty prior to the submission of an assignment or test.



Accommodation for disabilities

Students with a documented disability (e.g., physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) who need to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact Disability Services for Students located at Woodlawn Place at the beginning of the semester. A disability determination must be made by this office before any accommodations are provided by the instructor. For more information, contact DSS (269) 3872116.