Your Music 1500 Concert Portfolio





In Music 1500 this semester, you are required to attend 8 "live" concerts from the Wednesday at Dalton: Live and Interactive! concert series.


To document your personal experience and growth, you will compile a Concert Portfolio that is worth 220 possible points (up to 22% of your final course grade).


You will assemble this portfolio gradually over the semester, and it is your responsibility to keep your concert programs and ticket stubs from every event you attend.


Note: You must submit original tickets that have been validated at the signing table after each concert. If you have lost a concert program, click on the "Concerts" link (on the main Music 1500 homepage) and click "see Program" next to that concert and print a copy.

To get full credit, your portfolio must include the following, in this specific order

(1) Put this cover sheet on top of everything else
(2) Start of Class Self-Evaluation (see below)
(3) End of Class Self-Evaluation (see below)

(4) A separate questionnaire for each concert (see the "Course Schedule" for the questionnaire links--these will be posted AFTER each concert)
(5) All 8 "BPI/Wed 7:30" original concert programs, in the order that you attended them (first to last)


Grading Rubric for This Portfolio: (worth 220 possible points)


______ (30 possible points)---Read and carefully follow all instructions


______ (30 possible points)---Start-of-Class & End-of-Class Self-Evaluations (two @ 15 points each)


______ (160 possible points)--Ticket stub, Original Concert Program, and Questionnaire for up to 8 concerts (@ 20 points possible for each)



Click here to download the
Concert Portfolio Template and Instructions
(This template only includes the "cover page" the two "self-evaluation forms", and the instructions on how to assemble the remaining required items)