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Music 1520--Development of Rock & Roll

Below are links to off-campus sites with materials relating to rock music appreciation:Comprehensive alphabetical search index for websites on rock/pop musicians/bands.

Music Lyrics (AZLyrics)

Look here if you want to find the words to your favorite songs.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Includes many great features, such as biographies/sound clips of all Hall of Fame Honorees, various on-line exhibits, a virtual tour of the Hall, on-line interviews with Rock artists, etc.

This Day in Rock & Roll History

Interesting facts on what happened in rock music on this day. Also includes a search index for any day of the year.

The All-Music Guide

This is one of the most amazing music resources on the web for all kinds of music

Western Michigan University School of Music Home Page

Descriptions of other music classes, short biographies of music faculty, calander of music events, descriptions of performing groups, etc.

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