To access the online textbook readings and workbook assignments for MUS1520, you need to purchase a Music 1520 User License from


The direct link to order is:


Within 24 hours of purchase (it can take up to 1 day—so do not wait until the last minute to order your license) links to the textbook/quizzes/ancillaries will appear in the "Content" and "Assessment" categories the MUS 1520 eLearning site (release dates for quizzes and study materials will follow the dates on the class schedule)


If you have already purchased your user license and it is activated

1. Go to the eLearning login page (
2. Log in, with the USERNAME and PASSWORD for your WMU e-mail account (if you do not know this, contact
the WMU Computer Help Desk)
3. Click on the "Music 1520 Rock Music" link.
4. Click on the "Content" or "Assessment" links and follow instructions.


- As a courtesy, open links to the first assigned reading of the online textbook is provided on the MUS1520 Course Schedule (this allows you a week to get a user license without getting behind on the assigned reading).


- To access the remaining online textbook readings and all of the e-Workbook quizzes, you will need to have a User License purchased and activated.


- To read the textbook chapters, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer/browser--click here to get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


- Each of the e-Workbook quizzes will be opened up at an appropriate time over the course of the semester (see the "Course Schedule" link for details). Once a quiz is opened, it will stay opened until the due date on the course schedule. These quiz assessments are NOT timed, but you can only submit a quiz once for grading.






(If you added the class late, your name may not be in the WMU eLearning database yet) 


- Do not use Google Chrome to do these online assignments--it is not compatible with WMU E-Learning and causes many unpredictable problems.



- I will reset any assignment that has locked up AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY INCORRECT ANSWERS in that assignment.


If you are having other trouble with WMU eLearning or GoWMU, click here for help




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