Conducting Directory

Photo of Kim Adams
Assistant Professor, Director of Choral Activities
(269) 387-4715
Photo of Scott Boerma
Professor, Director of Bands
(269) 387-4703
Associate Professor, Jazz Studies
(269) 387-3904
Photo of Dee Gauthier
Professor, Music Education
(269) 387-4686
Photo of Greg Jasperse
Assistant Professor, Applied Jazz Voice, Gold Company
(269) 387-4689
Photo of Tom Knific
Professor, Jazz Studies, Bass
(269) 387-4710
Photo of David Montgomery
Master Faculty Specialist, Music Education, Band
(269) 387-4702
Photo of Judy Moonert
Professor of Music
(269) 387-4687
Photo of Carl Ratner
Professor, Voice
(269) 387-4706
Photo of Bruce Uchimura
Professor, Cello, Orchestra
(269) 387-4708