Most Recent Horn Graduates

  • Anna Marshall (BM '15)—received a graduate assistantship to pursue an MM (horn performance) degree at the University of Iowa.
  • Derek Pothoff (BM '15)—received a graduate assistantship to pursue an MM (horn performance) degree at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Recent Alumni News

  • Davis Anderson (MM ’05)—lives and works in New York.
  • Kelsey Anthon (BM ’12)—is pursuing an MM (horn performance) degree at Arizona State University.
  • Alex Armstead (Louis) (BMEd ’12)—is Director of Instrumental Music at Edsel Ford High School (MI).
  • Jeff Breisach (BMEd ’08)—is studying arts administration (MM degree) at UW-Madison.
  • Jon Chesman (MM ’04)—is an 42R Army Musician at 2nd Infantry Division Band and 42R at United States Army. He currently lives in Uijeongbu, South Korea.
  • Paul Clifton (BM ’13)—won auditions for principal horn in the West Shore Symphony and second horn in the Southwest Michigan Symphony and Illinois Symphony Orchestras. He won second prize in the Premier Solo Competition at the 2013 International Horn Symposium in Memphis, TN. He is on the substitute list for the New World Symphony (Miami, FL) and performed with the orchestra in February 2014.Kevin Cort (BMEd ’06)--is director of bands at South Lyon High School (MI).
  • Kyle (Alex) Cronin (BM ’08)—taught English in South Korea. Currently lives in Troy, MI.
  • Megan DeRubeis (BM ’10)—is a studio teacher in Dallas, TX.
  • Laurel Filzen Etzel (MM ’07)—is Director of the Knox Sandburg Community Concert Band and Adjunct Faculty at Illinois Central College.
  • Rachel Gasper (BMEd ’12)—is Director of Bands, Rio Rico High School at Santa Cruz Valley in Arizona.
  • Liz Glasser (MM ’14)—is freelancing in Denver, CO.
  • Jason Gridley-Waters (MM ’08)—plays with the Michigan Philharmonic and is a Ford Motor Company product development engineer.
  • Mac Harris (BM ’13)—is pursuing an MM (horn performance) degree at the Cincinnati Conservatory.
  • Cecilia Kozlowski (BM ’08)—won horn position in the “President’s Own” United States Marine Band.
  • Jack Levoska (BM ’10)—is a freelance horn teacher in southeast MI.
  • Bob Lewis (MM ’11)—is freelancing and teaching in southwest MI. Hear his new blues band.
  • John Murphy (BMEd ’06)—is formerly a music teacher at Hartford High School (MI).
  • Kayla Nelson (MM ’07)—is a horn teacher at the University of North Dakota.
  • Mike Petterson (BM ’08)—completed an MM (horn performance) degree at UW-Madison.
  • Jancie Philippus (MM ’12)—is pursuing a DMA (horn performance) degree at University of Illinois.
  • Dani Reynolds (MM ’10)—is the WMU School of Music Assistant to the Director.
  • Dan Spencer (MM ’09)—recently completed DMA (horn performance) degree at University of Iowa. Currently freelancing and teaching in Memphis, TN.
  • Aimee Wallace (BMEd ’10)—is a band director at Coatimundi Middle School in Tucson, AZ.
  • Luke Walton (MM ’13)—is a general music and band teacher at the Pembroke Hill and Village Schools in New Hampshire.
  • Karin Yamaguchi (BM ’13)—completed a graduate degree at Scuola Universitaria di Musica in Lugano, Switzerland. She participated in the Pacific Music Festival in 2015.
  • Molly Zebell (BM ’13)—completed an MM degree (horn performance) at University of Florida.

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